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How to solve the problem of screw conveyor blocking materials

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-10
The screw loading conveyor is a very versatile conveying equipment, which can be widely used in various occasions for conveying materials. Sometimes when conveying materials, material jams may occur, which affects the output, and in severe cases, the motor will be burned out and the screw shaft will be twisted. , Resulting in unnecessary losses. When the conveying material is blocked, it is usually due to material accumulation. It is necessary to turn off the power as soon as possible, reduce the horizontal size of the intermediate suspension bearing as much as possible, and reduce the possibility of material blocking when the material passes through the intermediate bearing. Read the manual of the equipment carefully when using it. When buying a slow conveyor, the speed should not be too high to achieve no-load starting and no-load parking to ensure continuous and uniform feeding, and increase the discharge port to solve the unobstructed discharge. At the end of the discharge chute A small section of counter-rotating blades is installed at the bottom to prevent material blocking at the end. Basically clean the materials to be conveyed to prevent materials with fibrous impurities from entering the machine and causing blockage. Install the silo level indicator and the jam sensor on the loading conveyor, so that an alarm can occur when there is a jam, and related operations can be made quickly.
The main components of the screw conveyor body
The main section of the screw conveyor, the middle section, and the tail section. The head section and the tail section of the main machine are respectively equipped with a thrust bearing box and a flat bearing box. The thrust bearing box bears the shaft produced by pushing the material. For the radial force and radial force, the flat bearing housing only bears radial force, and its shaft can be moved axially to adjust the installation length of the spiral body. When the conveying length of a single machine is large, it needs to be driven at both ends at the same time, and the output shaft of the bearing box at both ends is connected with the driving device through a coupling. The middle section short section spiral body is equipped with a middle suspension bearing, which is composed of a suspension pumping seat and a bearing bush. The bearing bush is made of cast iron or powder metallurgy and other materials. Use grease lubrication. The screw conveyor casing is a U-shaped groove made of steel plate, with edge folding or welding angle steel, connecting flanges at both ends, and a cover plate on the upper part. Generally, both ends of the spiral body are connected by a flange and a connecting shaft. Always check the working status of each part of the machine during use, pay attention to whether the fasteners are loose, if found, stop and tighten immediately; pay special attention to whether the connecting bolts of the connecting part of the screw shaft are loose or fall off, if found, stop and tighten immediately When the conveyor is running, it is strictly forbidden to remove the cover to avoid personal accidents; the bearings should be frequently lubricated and pay attention to sealing; the bearings should be adjusted or replaced in time to prevent the screw shaft from moving down after wear, increasing the resistance or breaking the shaft.
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