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How to solve the blockage of screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-16
2012-04-01 08:33:26 How to solve the problem of material blockage in the screw loading conveyor? It is a kind of conveying equipment with a wide range of applications in the mining, feed, grain and oil, and construction industries. The screw loading conveyor is suitable for particles, powder and small pieces The horizontal conveying of the shaped material is inclined conveying, vertical conveying, etc. The conveying interval ranges from 2 meters to 70 meters, and there are many specifications and can be made according to customer needs. A common fault is blockage. There are many reasons for clogging. The following measures can be taken to prevent clogging: Necessary cleaning of materials entering the conveyor to prevent large impurities or fibrous impurities from entering the machine to cause clogging. Install silo level device and blockage sensor to realize automatic control and alarm. Increase the discharge opening or lengthen the end of the trough to solve the problem of poor discharge or too late to discharge. At the same time, a small anti-rotation blade can be installed at the end of the trough of the discharge port to prevent the end from blocking the material. An anti-blocking valve is opened on the discharge end cover plate. When blockage occurs, because of the accumulation of materials, the anti-blocking door is opened, and the power supply is blocked by the stroke switch. Minimize the horizontal dimension of the intermediate suspension bearing as much as possible to reduce the possibility of material blocking when the material passes through the intermediate bearing. Choose various technical parameters reasonably, such as slow speed not too large. Strictly implement the operating procedures to achieve no-load starting and no-load parking; to ensure continuous and even feeding.
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