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How to save energy on mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-01
Now generally speaking, mobile conveyors are not particularly mature in terms of energy saving. The power consumption of the general conveyor is still not small. But as long as we pay more attention to it in daily use, we can realize the energy saving of the conveyor in many ways. If these energy-saving aspects are done well, real energy-saving can be achieved very well. First of all, it is necessary to minimize the transportation height difference, shorten the transportation distance and reduce the intermediate links. Because the higher the conveying height of the conveyor, the greater the energy consumption required for conveying, which will cause unnecessary waste at this time. Therefore, as long as the conveying height can meet the conveying requirements, it is not necessary to be too high. The same is true for the conveying distance. The longer the conveying distance, the greater the energy consumption. Therefore, if you want to save the energy of the conveyor in this respect, you need to compress the conveying distance as much as possible. Avoid unnecessary waste due to excessively long conveying distance. In addition, the selection of the motor of the conveyor is very important, and the motor that matches the conveying capacity of the conveyor should be selected. If you blindly select only high-power clicks, clicks will be wasted. Correspondingly, there will be a very large waste of electric energy. Therefore, a suitable loading conveyor motor is very important to the realization of energy saving of the conveyor. Furthermore, it is also very important to reduce the energy consumption of the conveyor in the intermediate links. Intermediate links refer to links such as friction and collision in the process of moving materials by the conveyor. These situations seem very inconspicuous but the energy consumption of the conveyor is not small. Therefore, if we want to realize the energy saving of the mobile conveyor, we also need to pay attention to the intermediate links of the conveyor transportation process. Minimize the energy loss of these intermediate links to the province of the conveyor. Reducing the energy loss of the conveyor cannot be achieved overnight, it is also a process that requires long-term exploration. Only by continuously accumulating these experiences can it be possible to achieve real energy saving for the conveyor.
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