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How to reduce the forward resistance of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-16
How to reduce the forward resistance of the belt conveyor When the belt conveyor conveys materials, friction will inevitably produce a certain resistance, especially when the conveying time is long and the mechanical lubrication is insufficient. In this case, it is necessary to lubricate every mechanical part to reduce resistance. In the case of a fixed belt conveyor, the joint of the belt conveyor can also be changed to a vulcanized joint. Although it is expensive, it has a long service life. The first two resistances of the belt conveyor are the rolling resistance of the conveyor pipe and the forward resistance of the conveyor. The size of the two resistors is the same as the load factor. Choose the length of the transport equipment, the length of the conveyor, the mass of the rotating part, the unit length of the branch roller, the unit length of the mass of the rotating part, the unit mass of the return branch roller, the unit mass of the conveyor belt, and the transportation . The unit mass of the material is related to the conveying capacity of the belt conveyor, the loose density of the material and the belt speed.   The main carrier of the belt loading conveyor for conveying materials is the conveyor belt. If the loading conveyor belt is transported, the conveyor belt will also bring some resistance to the loading conveyor belt. Therefore, in order to reduce the running resistance of the belt conveyor, when the deviation of the belt is found, it should be adjusted in time to minimize the deviation of the belt as much as possible, and the waste generated during transportation should be cleaned up to ensure the belt conveyor. The tension is very prominent.   The above is the relevant content of the belt conveyor, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
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