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How to make the screw conveyor reach the conveying state

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-21
03-30 17:43:14 The main purpose of the screw loading conveyor design is to realize the large-scale conveying of the screw conveyor, to ensure that the screw loading conveyor is always in a good conveying state, so that the screw conveyor produced has value and implementability . How to realize the conveying and use of the screw conveyor in a good condition is a problem that technicians have been exploring, and it is also a problem that users care about. In previous designs and selections, simple empirical formulas are often used to find the speed based on the output. The screw conveyor designed and selected in this way does not work at a good speed and high conveying efficiency (that is, a good conveying state), so how to make the screw conveyer Is the machine in good condition? 1. Material movement and force analysis When materials are conveyed normally, the implicated speed of the material is the circumferential speed of the spiral body where the material is located; the relative speed of the material is the speed of the material sliding along the blade, and the direction is upward along the spiral blade; the speed of the material is the horizontal plane The included angle y is called the rising angle of the material, which can be divided into the vertical upward velocity of the material and the horizontal velocity. Its force is: (1) gravity mg; (2) the positive and negative force of the blade on the material Ⅳ; (3) the blade The friction force on the material; (4) the centrifugal inertia force of the material at the casing; (5) the reaction force of the casing on the material Ⅳ2; (6) the friction force F of the casing on the material, the direction is opposite to the moving speed.  2. Good conveying state parameters   Good conveying state parameters mainly include high conveying efficiency and good speed. From the relationship between implicated speed and rotation speed, the spiral rotation speed is when the material lift angle is equal to 0, it is the critical rotation speed. Mechanical efficiency is the ratio of effective power to shaft power. After deduction, the loading conveyor structure is determined, and the conveying efficiency and speed are only related to the lift angle of the material. The material with high conveying efficiency is the result of lifting angle, that is, good speed and high conveying efficiency. Screw conveyors are widely used in various industrial enterprises. They are continuous conveying equipment widely used in coal, metallurgy, chemical, food and mechanical processing industries. In production, screw conveyors have simple structure, small footprint, stable performance, etc. Features, so it is widely loved and recognized by users. The screw conveyor uses high-quality seamless pipes with good overall rigidity. The working position and working state can be selected at will, and there will be no dust leakage. It is safe and reliable. It is a popular industrial product. At the same time, it also uses a high-quality reducer with a large torque. , Low noise, no oil leakage, long life characteristics. While the screw conveyor is developing, it must keep up with the trend of the times, conform to the wave of social development, and constantly self-renew and innovate.
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