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How to choose tubular screw conveyor according to the characteristics of materials

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-20
1. When selecting the conveyor according to the characteristics of the material being conveyed to convey powder, granules, and small pieces of material, you can choose an ordinary screw conveyor. When transporting bulky, high-temperature and fluid materials, spiral tube conveyors should be selected. Vertical screw loading conveyor can be selected for vertical lifting of powdery and fine granular materials.  2, the conveying of explosive, flammable, toxic or corrosive materials is not suitable for ordinary screw conveyors. 3. For edible materials, in order to prevent food pollution, the housing, spiral body, bearing seat and other parts of the screw conveyor that are in contact with the materials must be made of stainless steel, copper and other materials, and the internal bearings cannot be lubricated. Therefore, it is necessary to choose powder metallurgy oil bearing bushes and take good sealing measures.  4. In areas with large environmental temperature differences, or when the conveying material temperature is high, and the conveying distance is long, measures must be taken to protect the screw conveyor casing to prevent damage to the equipment due to the expansion and contraction of the casing due to temperature changes.  5. The screw loading conveyor drive device cannot use the V-belt or chain drive to drive the screw shaft.   6. The feed port of the screw conveyor needs to be equipped with a rigid impeller feeder and other uniform feeding devices to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.  Because the screw conveyor is very sensitive to overload, when the hopper is installed in the lower part and the feed amount is not easy to control, the phenomenon of overload and material blockage may occur, and the driving device may even be damaged.
How to seal the screw conveyor
The screw loading conveyor adopts the bearing support structure at both ends. The screw shaft will be bent when the deflection is large, and it is prone to wear of the blade and the shell and the seal of the shaft and the end seat. The gap between the shaft and the end seat is slightly larger, and the sealing effect is very good. Poor, the ordinary sealing method is to use packing seal, the sealing effect is good at the beginning of operation, after a period of operation, due to the wear of the journal and packing, the sealing effect will get worse. To this end, the sealing system is improved and designed: the size of the shaft sleeve at the end seat seal packing is extended to 60mm, and the number of packing turns is increased to enhance the sealing effect; the contact surface of the shaft and the packing and the packing itself are filled with oil through the oil cup to enhance the lubrication and infiltration effect , Reduce the wear of packing and shaft, at the same time form an oil film layer, prevent powder from flowing out through the gap at the journal, the oil groove extends to the inner layer, the sealing effect is obvious; a pair of labyrinth skeleton seal rings are designed inside the end seat shaft sleeve, one is fixed On the shaft sleeve, the other is installed on the shaft to run with the shaft to prevent powder from flowing out and play a role in sealing. Improve the screw conveyor sealing system, the site use conditions are good and fully meet the use requirements, this improved seal design can also be applied to related mechanical equipment to improve equipment performance.
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