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How to choose and maintain screw conveyor bearings

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-20
2014-09-25 08:51:45 The bearing of the screw conveyor plays a very important role in the whole machine. If the bearing protection is not in place or the selection is improper, the service life of the conveyor will be shortened, so users should pay more attention to it. Maintenance and maintenance of the bearing part. In the screw conveyors used by most users, the common problem of bearing failure is mainly due to long-term use and careless maintenance of it, which causes a large amount of material dust to enter the bearing, resulting in excessive viscosity of the bearing lubricating oil , It affects the rolling of the main shaft, and even the bearing locks up and the main shaft cannot rotate.   Once the bearing cannot rotate, the load of the motor is too large, and the motor may even be burnt in severe cases. Therefore, through the analysis of the force situation of the screw conveyor, some experience in bearing selection is summarized. The bearings are mainly located in the head, middle section and tail of the screw conveyor. The following are respectively introduced:   1, head bearing: the bearing is closed The resulting axial thrust is relatively large, and failures will occur frequently if only radial ball bearings are used. It should be selected according to the following methods. Choose the structure of thrust bearing and radial ball bearing, bear the axial force generated by the resistance of conveying materials, and place them in front of the materials. When the screw conveyor speed is less than or equal to 100r/min, choose two tapered roller bearings for face-to-face use, and the bearings can withstand the axial thrust of the Jiaolong conveyor better.  2, middle section hanging bearing: split sliding bearing, used to support the screw shaft. For the screw conveyor with a long conveying distance, the middle section hanging bearing is indispensable.  3. Tail support bearing: The tail bearing of the screw conveyor mainly bears the radial eccentricity generated during the operation of the Jiaolong conveyor shaft. Double-row spherical roller bearings are required to eliminate this eccentricity.   Double-row self-aligning ball bearings can be used when the diameter of the screw loading conveyor blades are ≤100mm, or the bearings can be directly connected to the reducer in the form of hollow shafts. When the length of the screw conveyor exceeds 4 meters and the diameter exceeds 400mm, it is recommended to use a chain drive between the screw conveyor shaft head and the reducer, which will play a good role in protecting the bearings of the reducer. At present, most of the screw loading conveyor design shaft head and the reducer are connected by a sliding block, so that the conveyor has a certain buffer position when it is stopped, which can well protect the reducer. 4. During the maintenance of the screw conveyor, you must pay attention to check whether the bearing temperature is too high. If so, it means that the viscosity of the lubricating oil inside the bearing is too high or the friction between the roller inside the bearing and the inner wall of the bearing housing is serious. The treatment method is mainly to add lubricating oil, or replace the bearing with a sealed form. Screw conveyor bearings and other components such as motors and reducers require more attention from users. Timely maintenance can extend the service life and reduce the loss caused by equipment failure and shutdown.
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