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How to bond the vulcanized joint of the belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-24
1. Preparatory work before bonding of belt loading conveyor

1. Select a suitable location in the well (power supply, ventilation, and effect are better), and then guide each roll of conveyor belt to the desired bonding position.

2. Inspection of vulcanization equipment and tools belt joint vulcanizer requires special equipment.

(2) Check whether the joint tools required for the vulcanization joint are complete.

Layered fabric conveyor belt peeling treatment

1. Find a right angle, cut one end of the belt into an even edge, and fix the belt with a G-shaped clip.

2. Use a knife to gently draw a knife from the edgeless glue position to the edge, to the break (and each lightly, be careful not to cut the first layer of cloth), and gently cut with a knife Surface rubber, use a clamp to tear off the surface rubber at the break. Use a knife to cut the first layer of cloth in the middle of the break, poke the first layer of cloth with a peeling hook, and gently cut the knife longitudinally to tear off the surface rubber and the first layer of cloth. Use a knife to gently scribble a knife at , , and , to create a break, and divide it into four countertops in turn according to this process. Be careful not to hurt the lower layer of cloth during the process of stabbing and tearing the cloth.

3. Use a knife to cut off the edge glue so that it is almost flat with the 4 steps of the cloth layer. Score the back of the end of this connector and peel off the skin. Use a sander to polish off the residual rubber on each layer of cloth, including the rubber on the edge of the joint and the rubber on the reverse side. Be careful not to damage each layer of cloth, and then use a wire brush to polish the adhesive surface.

4. Clean the dust and sundries on the surface of the tape after grinding.

2. Bonding and forming of belt loading conveyor

1. Clean up the sundries on the vulcanized plate of the workbench, and overlap the wedge-shaped fingers of the two heads. Recheck the centerline of both ends and adjust it to a straight line. Clean the conveyor belt head with cleaning agent, and brush the wedge-shaped fingers with hot vulcanizing agent once. Pay attention to the brushing evenly. After drying, align the belt body according to the pre-marked marks. Press lightly with both hands to check whether the bottom layer of the joint is also flat and stretched. Use hot vulcanizing agent to coat the surface of the joint for 2-3 times, so that the hot vulcanizing agent can fully penetrate into the connection gap in the wedge joint to ensure that the wedge is tightly connected.

4. Spread the RIT conveyor belt joint unvulcanized core adhesive and RIT unvulcanized surface adhesive on the brushed joint. When laying, try to spread it as flat as possible, and use a wallpaper knife to cut on the unvulcanized surface adhesive. Two knives to avoid its bulging.

III. Vulcanization of belt conveyor

1. After covering the upper and lower surfaces of the joint with vulcanized paper, install the joint vulcanizer in the order of installation and use.

2. After the equipment is installed and inspected in good condition, pressurized vulcanization is carried out.

3. After the vulcanization joint of the conveyor belt reaches the vulcanization time, the method of maintaining pressure and cooling must be adopted to reduce the vulcanization temperature below 40℃, and the joint vulcanizer must be turned on in the direction.

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