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How to avoid the pipeline transporting temperature too high

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-12
Industrial produce ship with and roller by the barrage of touch and continued process is the high temperature will happen. This kind of high temperature durable long the time will cause the function of the transport belt appear problem, the temperature of the transporting belt joint to the highest limit, maximum limit of generally does not surpass normal regulations. Carrying with them to accept, of course, not the same as the maximum temperature is different, the environment is not the same as there are limits, transport belt in the open, exposed to direct sunlight the same will heat up, and then under this scenario, carrying with appearance of cooling will be faster than the airtight workshop. Even failed to reach the highest temperature, also to deliver lasting use whammy effect will happen. By above knowable, even failed to reach the largest provisions of the temperature of delivery, if also can not too near. Rubber ship with additional temperature increased from rubber curing agent and promoter of the joint resolution. Most of the transport roller manufacturer in order to guarantee the produce goods with high security, generally have shipped with the shipped with sulphur ingredient temperature be taller. Reappear such extreme temperature, not backed by ship, can accept live long heat, sticking to a normal condition. Transport, of course, the processing technology is also necessary to progress, vulcanizing agent information is on the other hand, the progress of the processing technology of roller same is considerable. Extension points in the process of producing vulcanization time step, can easily guarantee to reach a higher level. For shipping maintenance function, it is recommended to use roller as far as possible when the temperature in room temperature may lower industrial base. In order to improve the work efficiency and production; According to the pipeline transportation mode can be divided into: belt assembly line, chain plate line, times the speed chain, plug-in line, mesh belt line, hanging line and drum line these seven kinds of assembly line. Generally includes tow parts, bearing, driving device, tension bridle device, direction changing device and bearing, etc. Assembly line high scalability, throughput is designed according to the requirements, delivery speed, assembly station, auxiliary parts ( Including fast connection, fan, lighting, socket, kanban, r, 24 v power supply, wind group, etc. , so popular with the enterprise; Pipelining is an effective combination of man and machine, the most fully embody the flexibility of the device, it will transfer system, pallet and online plane, organic combination of testing equipment, in order to meet the variety of products delivery requirements. Conveyors transport have synchronous transmission/( Forced) , also can is synchronous transmission/( Flexible type) , according to the selection of the configuration, can achieve assembly and delivery requirements. Conveyor line in the batch production of the enterprise is indispensable.
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