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How to adjust the speed of the tubular screw conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-23
2015-08-22 08:17:54    Tubular screw conveyor, commonly known as auger, is a continuous conveying machine used for short-distance horizontal or vertical conveying of bulk materials. Its main features are: simple structure, small size, low cost, good sealing, multi-point feeding and unloading, mixing and mixing of materials, but its conveying distance is small, the blades and casing are easy to wear, and the energy consumption is relatively high. High, it has a strong effect on material crushing. According to its structural characteristics and performance, tubular screw conveyors are usually used for conveying materials in the production process of grain, oil and feed processing plants. However, it should be noted that it is not suitable to transport large, fibrous impurities, strong abrasive, easy to break or easy to bond materials, so as to avoid blockage and material crushing. According to the installation form, the tubular screw loading conveyor can be divided into fixed type and mobile type. According to the conveying direction or working speed, it can be divided into horizontal slow speed and vertical fast speed. The more commonly used in engineering practice is the fixed and horizontal slow speed tube type. Screw conveyor. The speed of the screw shaft has a greater influence on the conveying capacity. Generally speaking, the speed of the screw shaft increases and the production capacity of the conveyor increases. If the speed is too small, the conveying capacity of the loading conveyor decreases. But the rotation speed should not be too high, because when the rotation speed exceeds a certain limit value, the material will be thrown outward due to excessive centrifugal force, so that it cannot be conveyed. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the speed n, which cannot exceed a certain limit value. When the material particles located at the outer diameter of the spiral do not produce radial movement perpendicular to the conveying direction, there should be the following relationship between the large value of the inertial centrifugal force it receives and its own gravity: mω2maxr≤mg where: K——material The comprehensive coefficient of g—gravitational acceleration (m/s2); nmax—the maximum speed of the spiral, that is, the critical speed (r/min). In the formula: A——the comprehensive characteristic coefficient of the material. Therefore, the screw speed of the tubular screw loading conveyor should be determined according to the material conveying volume, screw diameter and material characteristics. Under the premise of meeting the conveying volume requirements, the screw speed should not be too high, let alone exceed its critical speed, that is, : N≤nmax (7) where: n——the actual speed of the screw (r/min).
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