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How much is the tube screw conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-26
04-14 11:53:34 The market price of tube screw loading conveyor is between 9000-36000 yuan. 1. Different manufacturers have different production processes for tube screw conveyors. Moreover, tube screw conveyor manufacturers have direct sales and agent-based manufacturers. Direct sellers not only have real workshops for users to visit, but also In terms of pricing, the discount rate will be even greater, and the agent increases the circulation of the equipment, and the cost of consumption is also higher. The price of the tube type screw conveyor will be more expensive, so the user is choosing the tube type screw loading conveyor. When you need to choose a regular direct seller. 2. There are two types of tubular screw conveyors with different models, LS and GX. The screw diameter ranges from 100mm to 1250mm. Different types of tubular screw conveyors correspond to different conveying capacity, and there are also changes in consumables. The larger the selection of the round tube screw conveyor, the more the amount of consumables corresponding to it, and the higher the market price will naturally be. When the material and design are the same, the price of the round tube screw loading conveyor will increase for every difference in model. About 500~1000 yuan, so users need to choose the appropriate model according to their own output requirements. 3. Designs of different tubular screw conveyors have shaft and shaftless designs. The screened materials are different. However, the cost of tubular screw conveyors with different designs is also different. In general, Shaftless manufacturing is more difficult than shafted, so the shaftless design will be about 800~1200 yuan more expensive than the shaft design of the tube screw conveyor. 4. Different configurations of round tube screw conveyors are mainly composed of motors, reducers, bearings, spiral blades and other parts. Choose different configurations of round tube screw conveyors, and the price will fluctuate. The higher the configuration, the round tube type The price of screw conveyor is higher. The round tube screw conveyor is sold directly by the factory, and the price is cheaper. Users can customize the design according to their actual situation. Welcome to buy.
However, with the increased prevalence of gravity roller conveyor, it has become far more affordable.
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