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Handling expert of belt conveyor sand and gravel production line

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-28
With the rectification of sand and gravel production lines across the country, the production of high-quality sand and gravel aggregates is particularly important, especially for concrete companies that use sand accounting for nearly 85% of the total sand volume. The demand for high-quality machine-made sand is increasing. Upward transportation capacity is essential, so high-quality belt conveyors are essential. At present, due to the substandard environmental protection, many sand and gravel projects that are about to be launched are forced to stop. When constructing new gravel production line projects, more attention is paid to environmental protection. Therefore, all screens and belt conveyors are required to adopt a fully enclosed design and install spray guns. Shower device to reduce dust pollution. Therefore, investment in sand and gravel production line equipment projects need to be equipped with appropriate feeders, circular vibrating screens, sand washing machines, belt conveyors and other equipment according to the specific conditions, which depends on the size of the site and the specifications of the finished materials. Once completed, the sand and gravel production line can benefit in the long term. When considering the choice of feeder, circular vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt loading conveyor and other equipment in the investment sand and gravel production line equipment project, you should not just consider the purchase of equipment. Funds must also take into account the initial investment costs, operating costs and maintenance costs.
How to seal the screw loading conveyor
The screw conveyor adopts the bearing support structure at both ends. The screw shaft will be bent when the deflection is large, and it is prone to wear of the blade and the shell and the seal of the shaft and the end seat. The gap between the shaft and the end seat is slightly larger, and the sealing effect is very good. Poor, the ordinary sealing method is to use packing seal, the sealing effect is good at the beginning of operation, after a period of operation, due to the wear of the journal and packing, the sealing effect will get worse. To this end, the sealing system is improved and designed: the size of the shaft sleeve at the end seat seal packing is extended to 60mm, and the number of packing turns is increased to enhance the sealing effect; the contact surface of the shaft and the packing and the packing itself are filled with oil through the oil cup to enhance the lubrication and infiltration effect , Reduce the wear of packing and shaft, at the same time form an oil film layer, prevent powder from flowing out through the gap at the journal, the oil groove extends to the inner layer, the sealing effect is obvious; a pair of labyrinth skeleton seal rings are designed inside the end seat bushing, one is fixed On the shaft sleeve, the other is installed on the shaft to run with the shaft to prevent powder from flowing out and play a role in sealing. Improve the screw loading conveyor sealing system, the site use conditions are good and fully meet the use requirements, this improved seal design can also be applied to related mechanical equipment to improve equipment performance.
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