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Future Technology Prospect of Belt Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-01
Energy saving and environmental protection is one of the development trends of coal mine belt conveyor technology. In the future, permanent magnet drive technology will be further integrated with coal mine belt conveyors to produce a new generation of highly efficient integrated permanent magnet (roller) drive systems; dynamic design is used to optimize belt loading conveyor layout, optimize soft start and power balance control strategies, drive Synergistic control of tension can reduce the dynamic tension of the system, reduce the selection of conveyor belts, reduce the energy consumption of the system, reduce the unit transportation cost, and improve the production efficiency.

1) It is urgent to carry out relevant theoretical research and data testing research on conveyor belts with low sag resistance, and to reduce the design benchmark for the simulated friction coefficient of belt conveyors; Accurate mathematical model, which is also the basis for the study of low-resistance conveyor belts.

2) There is a big gap between the developed belt conveyor dynamic analysis software and the analysis software that has been commercialized abroad in terms of viscoelastic model, software performance and analysis results.

3) The intelligent control technology and dynamic response capability of the automatic tensioning device need to be improved. At the same time, the response speed of the tensioning device can be matched with the moving speed required by the tensioning car to meet the requirements of starting and stopping the conveyor. a dynamic condition.

4) The reliability of the non-metal idler needs to be further verified, and the high temperature resistance needs to be improved.

5) The detection of longitudinal tearing of the conveyor belt is lagging behind, in order to reduce the risk of longitudinal tearing of the conveyor belt Occurred, many anti-tear protection devices have been developed at home and abroad.

6) The use of video image analysis technology for foreign body identification, coal stacking, etc. is easily affected by external factors and image noise, and it is necessary to use a variety of filtering methods to extract features. value, the algorithm is more complicated.

7) The accuracy of fault diagnosis and identification is poor. At present, there are many coal machinery equipment enterprises that study the fault diagnosis of belt conveyor mechanical equipment. Mass promotion.

8) The belt conveyor inspection robot has the following three problems: difficult to climb, high power consumption, poor battery life/insufficient functions/difficulty in battery charging

9) Belt type The conveyor idler lacks unique number and identification, which is not conducive to identification, maintenance and search.

10) Coal mine equipment information is confidential. After the equipment is put into production, the coal machinery equipment manufacturer cannot obtain the equipment data access license, and the intelligent operation and maintenance of the coal machinery equipment is hindered.

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