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Future intelligent development of belt conveyors can be expected

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-08

In the future, the Internet of Everything will not only be used in cities and daily life, but also in various fields, such as coal mining and mining.

Intelligent technology

The development of coal mine belt conveyor mainly revolves around high-efficiency soft start and power balance technology, conveyor belt dynamics research, Operation stability and reliability research, intelligent perception technology, unmanned inspection technology, intelligent control technology and intelligent operation and maintenance are elaborated. At present, the high-efficiency soft-start and power balance technology adopts permanent magnet direct drive technology to achieve higher efficiency, more obvious energy-saving effect, reduce equipment maintenance, and improve reliability.

Dynamic analysis software of belt conveyor was developed through the research and development of conveyor belt dynamics Research and development of low-resistance lightweight conveyor belt, high-speed and low-resistance idler through the research and development of conveyor belt indentation resistance and optimized idler spacing. The design is optimized by using the coal flow transfer discrete element (EDEM) analysis technology to improve the stability and reliability of the belt conveyor. Through the use of intelligent sensing technology, the coal quantity of belt conveyors, foreign object identification, fault self-diagnosis, etc. can be detected in real time. Intelligent control technologies mainly include start-stop adaptive control, coal volume adaptive speed regulation, multi-level coordinated control, and coal flow equalization technology.

Current defects

The existing problems include the immaturity of the relevant theory and data test research of the conveyor belt with low sag resistance; The intelligent control technology and dynamic response capability need to be improved; the reliability of non-metal idlers needs to be further verified, and the cost of stainless steel idlers is high; the accuracy and reliability of the coal quantity detection sensor is insufficient; the fault diagnosis and identification accuracy is poor; The use of video image analysis technology for foreign object identification, coal stacking, etc. is easily affected by external factors and image noise. The longitudinal tear detection of the loading conveyor belt is lagging behind. It is difficult to charge; the level of informatization construction of coal mine equipment is backward; the belt loading conveyor idler lacks a unique number and identification, which is not conducive to identification. Design rules and instructions for belt conveyor transfer chute

Energy saving, low carbon and intelligence are the development trends of coal mine belt conveyor technology. In the future, permanent magnet drive technology will be further deeply integrated with coal mine belt conveyors to produce a new generation of highly efficient integrated permanent magnet (roller) drive systems. Through intelligent perception, intelligent control, and operation and maintenance management, an intelligent centralized control system for belt conveyors is established to replace fixed personnel on duty. Idler replacement robots, idler power generation technology, and intelligent operation and maintenance platforms will become important equipment for unmanned belt conveyor technology.

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