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Four maintenance measures for food conveyor mesh belt

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-20
As we all know, when food production enterprises carry out food transportation, they need to pay attention to the noise generated by the vibration of the food conveyor and the friction of the mesh belt, as well as the starting and braking of the food loading conveyor. Therefore, when the mesh belt becomes more and more important, users I am also more and more concerned about the maintenance of mesh belts. How to avoid friction in the mesh belts? How to maintain the conveyor belt of the food conveyor? Today, the loading conveyor manufacturer’s machinery will simply share with you a few points for your reference. The daily maintenance of food conveyor equipment mesh belts: 1. The mesh belt deviation: If the mesh belt deviation phenomenon occurs, it is recommended that the operator follow suit. Adjust the tensioning shaft at one end of the shaft. Pay attention to the fact that the speed is not fast during the adjustment process, so as to avoid the phenomenon of scratches on the edge of the mesh belt. 2. Vibration of the mesh belt: When the mesh belt vibrates, you must turn off the food conveyor equipment in time, and then check whether the conveyor rack or the roller in the conveying tunnel is corrosive. If this phenomenon occurs, the user needs to adjust it in time. 3. Chain jumping occurs in the chain: If the chain of the food loading conveyor jumps or the operation is unstable during the production operation, it is necessary to check whether the sprocket at both ends of the driving shaft is running synchronously. In addition, you need to pay attention to the sprocket. Whether the tooth end is excessively worn.
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