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Force Analysis of YiFan Drive Roller Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-10-11

Professional production and sales of roller conveyor belt conveyor manufacturers YiFan author will introduce you in detail a

Force Analysis of Lower Drive Roller .

Among the belt conveyors, the drive roller conveyor is quite

For the driving pulley in the transmission belt, the driven roller conveyor is equivalent to the driven pulley. The bearing shaft of the drive roller conveyor is in normal operation

The input torque of the end rotates, and it is also affected by the friction between the loading conveyor belt and the roller conveyor, as well as the effect of the loading conveyor belt on the roller.

Pressure action of conveyor.

1. Roller conveyor is a kind of welding machine which is assembled and welded by simplified, connecting plate and shaft.

Combined components, the belt tension acting on it is transferred to the shaft together with the torsional force, and then converted into a fairly complex internal

Partial stress acts on the various parts of the roller conveyor, and the stress on each component is different in direction and nature.

2. The tension at both ends of the conveyor belt of the roller conveyor is very different, and the tension at the collision point is much greater than that at the running point.

Tension. During operation, the radial load under pressure on the surface of the drive roller conveyor conforms to the exponential law from the loose edge to the tight edge.

3. The tension of the conveyor belt, the angle generated by the roller conveyor shaft, the rigidity of the receiving plate and the thickness of the simplified structure all determine the internal

Partial stress. The analysis and calculation show that the internal stress on the simplified body is the largest when the wrapping angle of the roller conveyor is 60 degrees.

4. The main form of damage to the drive roller conveyor is that under heavy load, due to the bending and deformation of the shaft, the receiving plate is and

Cracks occur in the welds of the barrel shell, hub and adapter. If the strength is increased simply by increasing the thickness of the connecting plate, it is often impossible to

To achieve the purpose. On the contrary, it is also possible to promote the formation of cracks and reduce the service life of the connecting plate.


When the belt tension acts on the roller conveyor, the roller conveyor shaft and each component of the roller conveyor will produce

Displacement. The structural analysis of the force, deformation and displacement of the drive roller conveyor determines the strength calculation of the roller conveyor components. Ningbo YiFan is a first-class manufacturer of unpowered roller conveyors. For more information on roller conveyors, please visit

Ask our official website.

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