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For belt conveyor tension analysis

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-12
The belt conveyor as a whole has three types of head drives and multi-path drives. There are two principles for belt drive power distribution: small tension (explanation: mutual traction when objects are under tension) distribution and proportional distribution. The belt loading conveyor is a transmission device with a standard chain plate as the bearing surface and a motor reducer as a power transmission device. The chain conveyor is composed of power unit (motor), drive shaft, roller, tensioning device, sprocket, chain, bearing, lubricant, chain plate, etc. to form an effective combination of assembly line man and machine, fully embodying the flexibility of equipment It combines the conveying system, the accompanying fixture, the online special machine, and the testing equipment organically to meet the assembly requirements of a variety of products. The small tension distribution refers to the transfer of a certain amount of traction. The belt tension is small. The advantage of proportional distribution is that when a certain traction is transmitted, the tension of the conveyor belt is small, which is conducive to the operation of the conveyor belt, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to choose a suitable motor. In addition, the electrical probabilities of the two rollers are different, and the design and use of the two rollers are inconvenient. Therefore, this design adopts double-roller drive respectively, and performs 1:1 distribution according to the equal power drive unit. DX steel wire rope (composed of steel wire, rope core and grease) core belt conveyor is a kind of high-strength belt conveyor, suitable for the transportation of bulk and long-distance bulk materials, and can transport loose density (unit: g/cm3 or kg/ m3) materials. Its working principle, the main components are: belt, roller, transmission roller, tension device, brake and head and tail cleaning device. The conveyor belt is driven by the double rollers at the head and redirected to the rollers. The tension roller and the guide roller are connected to form a closed loop, which is tightened by a tension device. Driven by the drive device, it is driven by the friction between the tape and the drive drum. Make the conveyor belt run continuously to achieve the purpose of transporting goods from one place to another. The machine head includes a motor, a hydraulic coupling, a reducer, a coupling, a transmission drum, etc. The hydraulic coupling is arranged between the motor and the reducer and is connected by a key, and the coupling is connected to the deceleration by a key Between the drive and the drive drum. The power of the motor is transmitted to the input shaft of the reducer through the hydraulic coupling, and the output shaft of the reducer is connected with the input shaft of the driving drum through an elastic pin gear coupling. The traction force is transmitted through the friction between the roller and the conveyor belt, and the power of the motor is transmitted to the conveyor belt. Due to the flexible traction element of the conveyor belt, the roller-driven belt conveyor relies on the friction between the conveyor belt and the roller to transmit traction. The fuselage part of the fuselage is composed of a middle frame and support rollers, and the middle frame is composed of rigid legs with diagonal supports. The idler is to support the conveyor belt, so that the sag of the conveyor belt does not exceed the limit value, to ensure the smooth operation of the conveyor belt, and convey the material from one place to another through the tail tensioning device. Every ten sets of intermediate fuselages are equipped with 7 Groups of normal 35o grooved rollers, 2 groups of 35o grooved forward-inclined rollers, 7 groups of conventional 35o grooved rollers for every 10 groups of intermediate body, 2 groups of 35o grooved forward-inclined rollers, and 7 groups of normal 35o grooved rollers for every 10 groups of intermediate body , 2 sets of 35o grooved forward rollers, every 10 sets of middle body is equipped with 7 sets of normal 35o grooved rollers, and a set of tapered upper center rollers to prevent deviation.
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