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Food conveyors must innovate and develop high-end lines

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-21
Food conveyor is a common conveying equipment produced by enterprises. It is a kind of non-standard automatic assembly line equipment. The automatic assembly line equipment divides the entire production process into multiple operating procedures with the same time or multiple ratios, and at the same time conveys food The machines are fixed in each production process that has been allocated to achieve a clear division of labor, fast and effective operations. The operating principle of the food conveyor is to decompose multiple sub-processes. The orderly operation of the previous process provides the execution conditions for the next process. Each process of the food loading conveyor equipment can be synchronized with other sub-processes. . Food conveyor equipment can be divided into: chain-plate food conveyor equipment, roller-type food conveyor equipment, belt-type food conveyor equipment, mesh-belt food loading conveyor equipment, spiral food equipment. The food conveyor uses computer control technology to convey materials in different processes. Judging from the current production situation in my country, the development of the entire industry and market demand, the obsolete equipment of food conveyors and some relatively backward technologies are restricting the development of our country’s enterprises. New technology replaces, that is, automated assembly lines must innovate and develop with high-end lines. my country’s current food conveyor equipment due to the lack of high-tech technology in my country’s modern machinery, most loading conveyor technologies are imported from abroad. Although this technology has accelerated the development of my country’s transportation industry, it has also gradually reduced its development to a certain extent. China’s technology gap, but due to excessive reliance on foreign high-end technology and technical equipment, it is not conducive to the overall improvement of the technical level of my country’s transportation industry. Therefore, we should strengthen the investment in science and technology, prevent excessive reliance on foreign high-end technology, Strength of independent innovation. The automatic assembly line system equipment lacks professional high-tech talents, and insufficient scientific research efforts will not be conducive to the research and development of new products. Especially for development-oriented enterprises, some of them are mainly sales and lack technical research and development teams. Transformed into productivity, as a food conveyor manufacturer, machinery has a professional technical team. Continuous testing of conveying equipment increases product innovation and improves production efficiency for enterprises. It will become the leader of the industry's technology brand.
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