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Food conveyor system design

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-20
In food processing applications, hygienic operation is essential. Although plastic belts may be easy to clean, they are more susceptible to scratches and breaks than metal belts. Any surface perforation will provide space for bacteria and pathogens to hide, making the belt unsuitable for use in certain food applications. Metal straps are very durable and are usually a more hygienic choice. Cleaning products should not be confused with hygiene. The ability to easily clean belts is critical to the success of any food application. Metal belts and plastic belts have their own advantages when cleaning. The metal band can prevent scratches, so that pathogens can be hidden, and can also be cleaned in an appropriate place, but over time, contaminants tend to accumulate. Under the microscope, the smoothness of the plastic tape limits the adhesion of the biofilm. However, as mentioned earlier, the polymer tape is easily scratched. Regular cleaning according to your operating requirements is important, but the type of belt you use can help minimize accumulation between cleanings. Surface Opening Blog Content Picture Metal tape provides a greater percentage of opening area, which may be beneficial in any application where coating applications, cooking, baking, or drainage are important. The metal belt can also accommodate smaller products and has a tighter mesh, which can be widely used in various occasions. On the other hand, plastics can produce almost solid and flat surfaces, which is very good for small products or producing smooth and flat conveying surfaces. In addition, plastics can provide various surface treatments that facilitate product transportation. Nut top, handle top and slotted configurations are all possible. Since both metal and plastic can be adapted to various opening configurations, the nature of the application itself allows the best belt to be used in the application. Conveyors used in extreme temperature food loading conveyor applications must be able to withstand extreme environments such as ovens and freezers. The high and low temperature changes required for some operations render the plastic tape ineffective. Metal can cope with temperature changes and is very suitable for use in bakeries and snack food production. For applications where friction and shock loads require minimal friction between the product and the belt, plastic belts have advantages. Plastic belts reduce friction and wear, which can help rub areas on metal parts and applications that require product accumulation. Unlike metal belts, plastic belts can also absorb more impact loads without deforming over time. In operations where the risk of impact is high, the use of plastic belts will extend the life of the processing application. The chemical resistance is different from extreme temperatures. Both metal and plastic belts have strong chemical resistance. Polymer-based plastic belts and high-grade stainless steel belts are designed to withstand harsh chemical environments without any problems. Repair and maintenance Compared with metal belts, plastic belts are easier to maintain in many cases. They are modular in design, light in weight, and easy to maintain daily.
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