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Factors influencing the production line layout

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-15
Production line is automatic production equipment factory production must be used. Production line can greatly increase the productivity of the factory. But if the production line layout is not reasonable will also affect the production line production efficiency. Serious waste production. Guang sheng DE production line below to share with you about what are the factors affect the production line layout. A required in production line, production line of products on the production of products structure and assembly process design is the focus of the first consideration in the design of production line. Analyze the structure of products, research, and put forward advice for the improvement of product structure, can greatly simplify the assembly process on production line. Second, on the production line equipment assembly process on production line equipment choice is according to the product technical requirements and assembly process method to determine. Correct selection of the process on production line equipment and tooling, can not only improve the production efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost, also can make the production line layout rationalization. Should consider when choosing process equipment problems include: product platform; Product quality requirements; Advanced equipment; The reliability of the equipment; The price of the equipment; The utilization rate of equipment; The safety of the equipment; Equipment maintenance convenience. Three, staff people on the production line is one of the factors of production, and living factors, and liquidity is big, need to make it adapt to the requirement of working through training. Production line layout to consider a good safe working conditions, to create a better working environment, help to improve the working enthusiasm. Four of material flow, logistics and transport is done by transportation. Material handling is indispensable in the factory, we should choose the mode of transportation of the economic and reasonable. Can be concluded that such a concept: the material move depends on its production factors, production line layout must ensure that the shortest distance of material flow, and always kept to the end of the product assembly flow, control system to ensure that the material flow is established. Five methods of production, production assembly line products production mode is one aspect to consider when production line design, determine the mode of production need to clear the following: production platform; Working system, here refers to the work shift and every work time; Production line type, want to consider using automatic line and assembly line production, is a single production or farm production; As described in the management way, to ensure production management methods, rules and regulations. Six, warehousing and ancillary facilities to finish the assembly process flow, material flow always but whenever, as long as the material, production work will occur. Therefore, we need to keep a certain amount of reserves, to ensure the flow of material flow, the balance of production and process capability is economic and reasonable. To solve the problem of reserves, the need to establish necessary storage warehouse and disposition. In addition, the auxiliary equipment for the production to provide maintenance and service, also plays an important role in production.
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