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Explanation of the advantages of using suspended conveying equipment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-14

Suspended conveyor is a commonly used continuous conveying equipment, which is widely used to continuously convey various pieces of articles and bulk materials in containers or bags in the factory, and can also be used in the assembly line of various industrial sectors. It is used to transport workpieces between various processes, complete various technological processes, and realize the comprehensive mechanization of transportation and process operations. Its structure is mainly composed of traction chain, sliding frame, spreader, overhead rail, driving device, tensioning device and various safety devices.

Advantages of traction suspension conveyors

1. The conveyor is mainly used and connected with many procedures, compact production cycle, Process method Relatively stable production process.

2. It has good space and can be rotated at will in the horizontal and vertical planes. According to the needs of the technological process, it can pass through a few meters or even several Ten meters of buildings, the line length can reach 1500-2000m. In this way, each single independent professional production link is matched into a line, and the workpiece is transported to the designated station according to the predetermined route to achieve the purpose of handling objects and production.

3. Strong adaptability, enabling objects to be continuously transported through high temperature drying tunnel, harmful gas area, pickling phosphating tank, electrophoresis tank, painting room, freezing Time, etc., to complete the difficult tasks that are difficult to be done manually, thereby improving the working conditions of workers.

4. The arrangement of the conveyor has little impact on the ground equipment and process operations. At the same time, because the loading conveyor itself is an 'active warehouseStorage space between workstations, thereby improving the economic rationality of the production area.

5. The automatic production line composed of a certain production rhythm can not only improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, shorten production cycle, reduce labor, but also strengthen the enterprise. management level.

6. Wide range of speed, 0.3~25m/min. And can realize stepless speed regulation and intermittent operation and double-line synchronous operation as needed.

7. The range of transporting finished products is wide, the maximum weight of the transported objects is 2000kg, and the length of the objects can reach 4-5m.

8, suitable for a wide range of working temperature, the ambient temperature of the whole machine is -20-45℃, the working temperature of the traction components and the track is -20-180℃ .

9. Small power consumption (unit traction force 150-300N/t), low maintenance cost, easy management and safe use.

The disadvantage of this conveyor is that it is difficult to automate the loading and unloading process. The loading and unloading work of the conveyor system in continuous operation must be carried out on the line. The light objects can be loaded and unloaded manually, and the heavier objects can be loaded and unloaded by special manipulators or special loading and unloading equipment. LS screw conveyor application and parameter detailed explanation

Advantages of accumulation and release suspension conveyor

1. The carrying trolley can be anywhere on the line It can automatically stop at any time as needed, and can be started and put into operation at any time according to the command. It also means that the carrying trolley can be 'accumulated' and 'released' at random.

2. When a trolley stops on the line, the following trolleys will automatically stop in turn and accumulate them one by one.

3. When the load-carrying trolley is accumulated, it is a dense stop, which greatly shortens the accumulation distance of the conveying line and improves the effective utilization rate of the line.

4. The trolley storage section can be set up before the production station, so that the production of the conveyor system has an elastic buffering effect, and can predict the problems in production and find weak points. Links are automatically compensated and adjusted.

5. The turnout transfer adopts the scientific method of lifting and pressing the rail or side pushing, which effectively avoids the possible lateral interference and front and rear interference when the trolley changes rails. .

6. The running speed of the carrying trolley is fast (0.3-18m/min), the number of trolleys running in the system is small, the traction force is small, and the power consumption of the conveyor is small.

7. There is no distinction between main and auxiliary lines and main and auxiliary push rods, which can easily realize regional wiring and fast and slow chain transmission.

8. The electrical control adopts PLC programmable controller with strong anti-industrial disturbance, which has large capacity, convenient programming, reliable control, long service life and easy expansion. .

9. The delivery system adopts magnetic coding or bar code, which has a high degree of automation and a large number of addresses.

The conveyor system can not only convey continuously, but also have automatic address recognition, automatic delivery, line transfer, stop, positioning, sorting, statistics, accumulation, lifting and lowering. , loading and unloading, propulsion, rotation and other functions.

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