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E-commerce has brought new development opportunities to the logistics transportation equipment industry

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-09
Nowadays, the logistics and transportation equipment industry has squeezed into one of China’s top ten hot industries, but the development speed of China’s logistics and transportation equipment industry; especially the development of express delivery companies cannot meet the needs of the rapid development of e-commerce. Enclosure built its own logistics transportation system and entered the express delivery industry. Since 2009, Jingdong Mall has purchased nearly 1,400 acres of land, and plans to start construction of 7 first-level logistics centers and 25 second-level logistics centers at the same time this year. E-commerce companies such as Dangdang, Taobao, Excellence, Vancl Eslite, Suning.com, Yixun, Xinegg, Yihaodian, etc. have also expressed their intention to establish their own logistics centers in various places, and Alibaba Group has announced that it will spend hundreds of billions of dollars to establish it in the country. Storage system. In the context of e-commerce, changes in the sales methods of enterprises and businesses and the purchase methods of end consumers have made door-to-door services an extremely important service business. The status of the distribution industry has been strengthened. Without distribution, e-commerce logistics cannot be realized. There is no way to talk about e-commerce. The fate of e-commerce is closely related to the distribution industry. With the rise of e-commerce, it is rapidly driving the development of the logistics transportation equipment industry. Facing the huge challenges brought by e-commerce, traditional express delivery companies themselves have begun to centralize and upgrade themselves. It is reported that in early June this year, YTO Express's all-cargo aircraft operations officially set sail, and China's private express delivery has entered the 'air age' and is speeding up; The e-commerce website 'SF Optimal' under the industry leader SF Express is launched; Shentong Express will also officially enter the e-commerce field. At the same time, the major domestic express companies will not only extend their outlets to the bottom, accelerate the logistics layout and outlet configuration of second and third tier cities, but also work hard on staff quality training and infrastructure and related supporting transportation equipment. The mechanized and automated operation will be The inevitable choice for the development of express delivery industry. In short, the advent of the e-commerce era has brought new development opportunities to the global logistics and transportation equipment industry.
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