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Discussion and Analysis on Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction of Belt Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-11
The belt conveyor is a conveying equipment that uses a driving roller and a reversing roller to support and tighten the circular conveyor belt. The trough-shaped supporting roller and the lower parallel roller are used as the carrier of the conveyor belt. The transmission roller drives the conveyor belt to run and continuously convey materials. Its normal work and power consumption component units include drive rollers, redirect rollers, cleaners, rollers and conveyor belts. Due to the small number of the first three components and easy management, energy consumption is limited. There are a large number of rollers and a large weight of the conveyor belt, and they become the main power-consuming components when conveying work. Air-cushion conveyors do not have rollers, and this is the fundamental reason why they can greatly save energy and reduce consumption. Because the working environment of most belt conveyors has water, dust and various thin mud pollutants, the various performance parameters of the idler determine the difference between the normal power consumption and abnormal power loss of the belt conveyor during work. The difference.   There are strict technical specifications for the performance index parameters of the rollers at home and abroad. However, observed from long-term production practice, traditional rollers still have many defects:   (1) poor sealing performance, the bearings in the roller are easily contaminated;   (2) poor manufacturing accuracy, which seriously affects the rotation resistance and resistance of the roller The normal service life of the bearing;    (3) The weight of the rotating part of the roller is large, and the moment of inertia is large.   Therefore, in the selection design and calculation of the belt loading conveyor, the above factors of the idler must be fully considered. Especially for belt conveyors with long haul distance, large capacity, and high speed, the strength of the conveyor belt needs to be increased a lot, and the weight increase is also very high. Therefore, a larger configuration power must be selected as a reserve to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor. The reasonable configuration power is the normal power consumption, and the larger configuration power causes a large amount of abnormal power loss. The ideal technical performance parameters of the roller are:    (1) The different axis degrees of the bearing positions at the two ends of the roller are strictly controlled within the range of bearing accuracy requirements. In this way, not only the rotation resistance of the roller is small, but the bearing can also reach normal Service life;   (2) The labyrinth seal structure of the idler can effectively ensure the long-term normal operation with zero pollution in the environment with water, dust and mud, etc.;    (3) In the case of ensuring the mechanical strength, select the appropriate wall The thick roller steel tube minimizes the moment of inertia (the anti-corrosion and wear resistance of the roller is solved by light materials). For rollers with the above performance, the natural wear and tear failure can reach 10 years or more from installation and use to the final (a bearing that meets the standard, calculated according to its life formula, should reach more than 100,000 hours in the roller), belt conveyor matching With the above-mentioned performance roller, its configuration power reserve can be greatly reduced, and the preliminary estimate can be reduced by about 50%, and the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is very significant. Among them, the service life of the conveyor belt and the transmission roller can be extended many times at the same time. When designing and calculating, the strength and weight of the conveyor belt can also be greatly reduced, saving a lot of costs, and the comprehensive economic benefits are very significant.   After the reform and opening up, some companies focusing on product quality and market prospects introduced advanced foreign technology and reformed the technology of rollers many times. Although many defects have not been completely resolved, the overall technology has been greatly improved. However, there are still some companies that only care about immediate benefits. They do not require high value-added products and still follow the old production technology. Therefore, the gap between the 'good and bad' roller technology level and the unpredictable reality of the change in rotation resistance is still the reality of the belt The loading conveyor improves the performance index and reduces the bottle diameter of energy consumption.
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