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Different working methods of different screw conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-04
2013-11-13 15:38:07 Different screw conveyors can use different methods to work accordingly in order to achieve large conveying purposes. 1. Centrifugal induction method: It is used for spiral conveyors with steep vertical slopes or screw conveyors with higher speed. Its working characteristic is that the filling amount of materials is between two kinds. Under the high speed of the spiral, it is loose The material is affected by centrifugal force far more than other external forces such as gravity. 2. Gravity sliding down method: The speed of the spiral is low, and the material on the spiral surface is affected by gravity far more than the centrifugal force. Because the rotating material of the spiral continues to slide down the spiral surface, the axial displacement occurs, and the spiral machine Basically belong to this principle. The filling factor value of the screw machine based on this principle is generally less than 05. Because of overfilling, the material does not slide down along the spiral surface, but is stirred by the spiral to make it fall over the spiral shaft, and a large axial velocity cannot be obtained. Since materials with slow spirals are greatly affected by gravity, obviously it cannot be used for vertical spirals or upward transportation with a large inclination angle. The principle of sliding down method, although the 20 value is small and the conveying capacity is low, the materials are in a state of loose and free rolling and are less squeezed. It is suitable for materials that are easy to agglomerate and have high abrasiveness. When the standard spiral is used, it can not only maintain a faster sliding speed, but also has a certain adaptability to inclined conveying (the inclination angle is generally within 20°). 3. Pushing method: This method is used for the unloading and conveying screw at the bottom of the silo. The material is often filled with the screw. The static pressure of the granular material is relatively large. The gravity of each material is much smaller than other forces (screw thrust, friction, Static pressure). The resistance of this kind of spiral is very large, and it has to overcome the friction formed under greater pressure. When working, the material seems to be a nut, and the screw acts like a screw. As long as the nut does not rotate (or rotates slowly), the screw can be rotated to make the nut move in the axial direction. The silo bottom discharge screw often uses a variable pitch screw. , The pitch at the outlet end is larger. The above method hopes to give you corresponding help in the corresponding work, so as to get great work efficiency. If you have any questions about the transportation equipment, you can consult us at any time. We will serve you wholeheartedly. Tel: 15836198876 QQ:2838709021 Contact: Zhao manager
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