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Development direction of mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-01
Although the future development is unpredictable. No one knows the future development, but some professionals in the industry can still make an estimate of the future market development based on the current market development. Such forecasts are often the direction of market development. In the same way, we can also make a bold prediction on the development of the grain machinery industry based on the estimates of professionals in the industry. Let's take a mobile conveyor as an example to understand what substantive development of our belt conveyor opportunities will be in the future development? Low production cost. In ordinary belt conveyors, the cost of roller manufacturing accounts for 17% to 25% of the entire belt conveyor, and there are too many moving parts, and the maintenance costs are expensive. The use of no roller support or non-contact support is the most important way to reduce the cost of the belt conveyor. Useful ways. Low energy consumption. About 80% of the energy of the belt conveyor is consumed in friction loss. The most effective way to reduce friction loss is to use a non-contact belt conveyor (such as a water cushion belt conveyor), which requires only the motor power of ordinary belts. 20% of the conveyor. Intelligent. Future models should be closely connected with computers, suitable for program control, intelligent operation, material loading and unloading, machine installation and maintenance should be able to achieve intelligent management. It can be said that these three points are the three points of the development of belt conveyors that we are most concerned about. Compared with large volumes and long distances, these developments are substantive and meaningful developments. This does not mean that the development of large-scale transportation and long-distance is meaningless, but that its development is inevitable. It is the stage that our industry must go through and reach. So the real development brought to us by the belt loading conveyor is reflected in these points.
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