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Design of the overall scheme of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-10
The entire design process of the belt conveyor is designed according to the ideal process. It provides services for the installation, operation, maintenance and overhaul of the conveyor equipment. The design is written in accordance with the country’s common basic graphic symbols for mechanical equipment (GB4728) and other related standards. And the specification is written. The design principles of belt conveyors mainly include: working conditions and specific information provided by the project to the electrical control circuit. The system guarantees safety, reliability, stability, and speed under the front embankment, and is as economical, reasonable, and suitable as possible to reduce the cost of transportation equipment. Choose among the schemes, choose new technologies and new products as much as possible when selecting components, and control from manual control to automatic control, from analog control to microcomputer control, making the realization of functions more perfect from one to many. The belt conveyor system is a transformation and upgrade of a large-scale industrial control system. The new control device needs to be constructed according to the current state of the enterprise equipment and process, and the components in the old system are used as much as possible. The operation mode of the system after the transformation of the human-computer interaction method should be similar to that before the transformation as much as possible, so that the operator can quickly grasp it. From the enterprise control requirements, it can be seen that the new control system needs to handle both analog and a large number of switching values. The reliability of the system should be high, the human-computer interaction interface should be friendly, and it should have the ability to store and analyze data. To realize the design of the entire liquid mixing control system, it is necessary to consider from the perspective of how to realize the switch of the solenoid valve and the start control of the motor. Now, how to realize this problem and what method to choose to determine the system plan. The programmable controller of the belt loading conveyor is equipped with various hardware devices for users to choose. Users do not need to design and manufacture hardware devices by themselves. They only need to determine the hardware accessories for programmable control and design the external wiring diagram. At the same time, use the ladder diagram language to program, and use the software to obtain the relay. Electric shock and wiring in the electrical system are adapted to changes in process conditions by modifying the program. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a new type of industrial control system developed from the 1970s. At first, it was only a device for controlling on-off values. It can replace intermediate relays and time relays to form on-off control systems. With the continuous development of microelectronics technology for more than 30 years, PLC has greatly enhanced its functions through continuous upgrades. The current PLC has developed not only its logic control functions, but also process control functions, motion control functions, data processing functions, and networking. It is a veritable multifunctional controller with various performances such as communication function. The PLC-based control system has the characteristics of high reliability, large control functions and high cost performance. It is currently the preferred control device for industrial automation.
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