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Descending roller conveyor speed controller

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-09-03
So far, the only available solution is a compromise solution, which is suitable for different slopes, skateboards, different rollers, complex drives, suspended brake beams, etc. The difficulty is to find the correct slope for reliable function even for large weight differences with completely different shapes and sizes. Light cargo must start moving in a reliable way, and heavy containers must not experience uncontrolled acceleration, otherwise they will actually cause any damage. Mechanical speed controller for controlled speed. For this unresolved problem, a very simple innovation is the purely mechanical speed controller MSC 50, which provides support on descending conveyors with material weights ranging from approximately 0.5 kg to a maximum of 35 kg. Control speed. speed now provides destinations in the sorting peripherals, and the magnetic speed controller MSC 50 can also be integrated into the modular platform program. Existing systems can certainly be retrofitted to achieve sustainable higher throughput and ergonomically optimized workstations. Mature eddy current brakes can now be used in container pallet flow systems. Mature eddy current brakes that have been used for many years are now also available for containers. This is because the MSC 50 works like a gearless eddy current brake, integrated in the loading conveyor speed series 1700 rollers. Since the diameter of the tube is 51 mm, the optimal distance to the gravity roller is guaranteed to be 50 mm. This absolute novelty in internal pathology is the same as the conveyor roller installation, and is therefore best suited to easily retrofit existing descending roller conveyors. The spacing between bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells varies with the drop and the weight of the container. Intensive testing and sample installation have been successfully conducted in the customer's and our own conveyor speed testing facilities. The MSC 50 is also completely convincing under extreme loads and challenging conditions. Pure mechanical operation does not require wiring or control. There is no gearbox. The container with a weight of 0.5 kg is easy to start. The proven high-quality product based on the 1700 series drum has been used millions of times. The high braking performance. Controlled speed and safe movement
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