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Daily maintenance of conveyor and 10 ways to deal with deviation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-08

Generally, the objects of daily maintenance of conveyors are mainly, problems found in daily maintenance, problems found in timely maintenance, and treatment of deviation of conveyor belt direction, which are summarized as follows.

I. Daily maintenance

Check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon in the joint part of the conveyor belt, such as cuts, cracks, etc. of damage. Whether the upper and lower layers of the conveyor belt are worn, and whether the conveyor belt is half worn. Check whether the rubber scraper of the cleaning device and the unloader is severely worn and cannot be in close contact with the conveyor belt. If so, the rubber scraper should be adjusted or replaced. Keep each idler rotating flexibly, and replace non-rotating or damaged idlers in time. Avoid the direction deviation of the conveyor belt, keep the conveyor belt running on the center line, and ensure the groove angle.

Second, maintenance on time

Refuel all kinds of bearings and gears on time. Remove and wash the reducer, check the wear of the gears, and replace the gears with new ones if the wear is serious. Remove and wash the roller and idler bearings, and replace the lubricating oil. All anchor bolts and beam connecting bolts are re-oiled and tightened. Overhaul or replace other parts or components that are worn. Repair or replace conveyor belt.

Three, the processing steps for the deviation of the conveyor belt direction

The belt conveyor often encounters the problem of deviation in the direction of the conveyor belt. For the idler groove angle of 30 There are several reasons for the deviation of the direction of the conveyor belt of the conveyor:

1. The installation center line is bent.

2. The conveyor belt itself is bent or the joint is bent. The loading conveyor belt buckle is crooked or the belt incision is not at right angles to the width of the belt, so that the tension is uneven. When running, when the joint runs, wherever The direction deviation occurs. To deal with this situation, the conveyor belt can be trimmed, re-glued or re-buttoned.

3. The center line of the roller and the conveyor belt The center line is not at a right angle. This is mainly due to the improper installation of the frame. Although the front and rear positions of the roller and bearing can be adjusted, the moving distance is limited, and the frame that is installed crooked must be reworked and reassembled. The axial center of the head drum must be in line with the The axial center of the tail drum is the same.

4. In which direction the conveyor belt deviates on the drum, tighten the bearing seat on that side to make the conveying If the tension on the side of the belt deviation increases, the conveyor belt will move to the side where the tension is small.

5. The axis of the idler set is the same as the center line of the conveyor belt during installation If the direction deviation is caused by the non-vertical deviation, which direction the conveyor belt is deviated, move the idler a little in the forward direction of the conveyor belt. Generally, it can be corrected by moving a few idler groups.

6. The direction of the conveyor belt is deviated due to the unevenness of the drum. If the installation is out of tolerance, it should be stopped and leveled; if the outer diameter of the drum is inconsistent, the outer circle of the drum should be reprocessed.

7. The adhesive material on the surface of the drum makes the drum into a conical surface, which will cause the conveyor belt to deviate to one side. Especially when the humidity of the conveyed material is high and the seal at the end of the machine is not good , it is easy for the material to fall into the no-load conveyor belt and stick to the drum, causing the conveyor belt to deviate in the direction. Therefore, the cleaning device must be frequently inspected and cleaned manually.

8. The conveyor belt deviates as soon as the load is applied. This situation is generally due to the fact that the feeding point of the material is not in the middle of the conveyor belt, and the position or structure of the baffle at the feeding port should be changed.

9. The different heights on both sides of the frame make the conveyor belt not level. When running, the load of the conveyor belt moves to the lower side, causing the direction to deviate. At this time, the frame must be re-welded Or add a shim to the idler set to level it.

10. When the conveyor belt has no load, the direction of the empty car deviates, and adding materials can get Corrected.

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