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Conveyor line management is very important in enterprises

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-28

lines are also called conveyor lines by industry insiders, and are essential conveying equipment for the production of various products. There are also different classifications according to the characteristics of different materials. When carrying out material production and transportation, products need to go through many manufacturing processes from raw materials to finished products. For some more complex products, there will be hundreds of ways in the production process. process, sometimes a

The production line needs hundreds of conveying equipment to complete the production better.

However, the production conveyor line is not

Yes, at the beginning, many companies' products are produced in stages. Now it is changed to loading conveyor assembly line production, which requires pipe

The management level should be effectively controlled in the production process of the conveyor line. During the production management process of the conveyor assembly line, people

is the most active and active factor. Compared with other production factors, people are always dominant and are the first resource. water, electricity

、Material resources cannot be regenerated after they are used up, and people are different. After a day of work, they will return to

The driving force. Therefore, in the production management of the conveyor assembly line, how to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the operators to make them talented

What is useful and what is produced is the key. The management level should strictly control the following points:

1. assembly line

The most important point of control is balance, there should be no bottlenecks. Doing a good job in the balance of the production conveyor line is the most basic;
2. Pay attention to the accumulation problem of the conveyor line. Once the accumulation occurs on the conveyor line, it must be coordinated immediately.

3. The distribution of each process of the product should be uniform, and the personnel management discipline should be unified;
4. Designate one in the conveyor assembly line

The key process is the quality control point. A team leader is assigned to the last station of the conveyor line to conduct initial inspection. Some products can be inspected immediately.

5. Calculate the rhythm and utilization rate, equipment integrity rate and maintenance rate, material consistency and so on. Mainly the palm of the SOP

6. If there is equipment, the OEE indicator is very important. However, it is very important to add appropriate foolproofing for quality, or batch

scrape is serious.

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