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Components and performance of screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-02
2012-06-15 08:02:24 The components and performance of the screw conveyor. The screw conveyor is mainly composed of three main parts: a screw, a screw blade and a screw shaft. The screw is the main part of conveying materials, and it is made up of the screw shaft. And spiral blades. According to the requirements of the conveying process, the spiral blade has various forms, and the commonly used four types are full-face type, belt type, tooth type, and paddle type. One side clings to the shaft to form a complete spiral surface. This kind of blade has a simple structure and strong conveying capacity, and is suitable for conveying dry granular or powdery materials with good scattering properties. It is a widely used blade form. The commonly used spiral blade is a positive spiral surface, and the generatrix of the positive spiral surface is a straight line perpendicular to the spiral axis. When the straight line rolls evenly around the axis and moves in a straight line at a uniform speed along the axial direction, the curved surface formed is an equidistant regular helix. If the straight line moves at a variable speed along the axial direction, the curved surface formed is a variable pitch spiral surface. The spiral surface formed when the generatrix is u200bu200bnot perpendicular to the axis is called a non-positive spiral surface. The use of the spiral blade with the bus bar as a curve can improve the conveying efficiency of the screw loading conveyor, but it is rarely used because it is difficult to manufacture such blades. One side of the spiral blade is connected with the shaft through a rod to form a ribbon spiral surface. This kind of blade is suitable for conveying small lumps or viscous materials. Because viscous materials are easy to adhere to the solid spiral blades and shafts, and there is space between the belt-shaped blades and the shafts, the adhesion and accumulation of materials can be avoided. This kind of blade is stronger for materials. The shaft of the screw conveyor is generally made of a hollow shaft. This is because when the shaft body bears the same torque, the material and weight required by the hollow shaft are less than that of the solid shaft, and the mutual connection is also more convenient. In order to facilitate the manufacture and assembly, the spiral body is generally made into sections with a length of 2-4m, and the sections are connected during use. A small section of solid shaft should be used at the connection between the shaft and the shaft and the bearing installation, that is, the solid shaft is extended into the hollow shaft at the joint, and a sleeve of about 150mm is sleeved on the outside of the hollow shaft, and then bolted The sleeve is fastened to the two shafts in the direction perpendicular to each other. When this type of connection is used, the spiral blade should be connected to the sleeve. Another connection method is to extend the solid shaft into the hollow shaft, and then fix it with a few suitable screws or pins. This method is mainly used for the connection of the screw shaft of the fast screw conveyor
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