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Chain plate production line operation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-25
Chain plate conveyor line can be under high load, long distance transmission; Line body to form into straight line, turning transmission; Chain plate width can design according to the customer or the actual situation. Chain plate form for the linear chain plate, chain plate around the corner. The main structure material is made of carbon steel welded or galvanized, clean room stainless steel production and food industry. Chain plate conveyor line is widely used in diesel engines, household appliances, food, automobile, motorcycle, engine, assembly and transportation industries. Chain plate conveyor chain traction, bearing steel, such as plastic plate fixed on the conveyor on both sides of the guide in the chain, as a support mechanism. Light plate chain conveyor is often used in household appliances industry, location bearing capacity 100 kg, heavy plate chain conveyor is often used in automobile, agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, bearing capacity of station around 2 t. Characteristics 1, chain conveyor, conveying surface smooth smooth, small friction, material in a smooth transition between the conveyor line, can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other material, also can transport all kinds of bags. 2, chain plate, stainless steel and engineering plastic material, such as specifications, wide variety, could be selected according to the conveying material and process requirement, can satisfy the different demand from all walks of life. 3, generally a scraper chain conveyor can directly flush or direct invasion bubble in the water. Equipment clean and convenient, which can meet the requirement of health food, beverage industry. 4, layout of equipment is flexible. Can be done on a transmission line level, tilt and turn. 5, the equipment has simple structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance. ( A) Before, chain plate production line commissioning notice: 1, each connecting bolts should be tightened. 2, the equipment should be no legacy of sundry. 3, all moving parts inside the nozzle of filling grease, reducer according to the instruction manual filling lubricating oil. 4, electrical wiring should conduct a comprehensive inspection. ( 2) , chain plate line debugging matters needing attention: 1, the equipment each system to conduct a comprehensive inspection, when confirmed equipment for no-load commissioning work first, after the breakdown all make 10 & ndash; Up to 20 hours of no-load running test, and then to load testing. 2, drive sprocket, tail wheel tooth and traction chain, whether in the normal work under the meshing state. If difference is very great, can budge drive sprocket, passive wheel bearing bolts, slightly adjust the centerline of drive sprocket, passive sprocket. 3, adjust the tension device, two early traction chain tension balance moderately, initial tension is too large, the increasing power consumption; After hours, affect the normal meshing of the sprocket and chain traction, increase the instability of running. 4, check whether all the walking wheel, flexible rotation. The phenomenon such as rail and sliding, if any, shall be replaced immediately or troubleshooting. 5, run, each motion artifacts such as are jammed and mandatory mechanical friction phenomenon, should immediately ruled out. ( 3) , chain plate production line normal operation after debugging matters needing attention: 1, the operation should strive to uniform feeding, feeding the large degree should be controlled within the prescribed scope. 2, should not be in full parking and starting, can't go against the trend. 3, should be regularly check the bolt connection condition of tank bottom plate and chain plate, found a loose phenomenon, should be timely treatment. 4, traction chain slack should apply to degree, should be in the operation of the attendance checking, should be adjusted when necessary tensioner adjusting screw. 5, speed reducer to run at 7 & ndash; 14 days after new lubricating oil must be replaced, according to the situation after 3 & ndash; Replaced every 6 months. Six, all lubricating points should be timely into the lubricant.
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