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Chain plate assembly line conveyor installation accuracy is introduced

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-26
Chain plate assembly line conveyor is a kind of chain plate as the bearing surface, by the motor reducer for the transfer of a power transmission equipment. Chain plate conveyor line, by the power equipment ( Motor) , drive shaft, roller, tension devices ( Rod) , sprockets, chains, bearings, lubricants, chain plate, etc. Which drive the materials for the delivery of the first two parts: the chain, using its cycling sports provide traction; Metal plate ( Plastic board) As the supporting body in the process of shipping. Can make through parallel columns chain plate, chain plate line do wide and differential formation, using multiple columns chain plate in parallel without squeezing into a single transport, thus satisfied drink labeling, filling and cleaning equipment such as single shipping requirements, we can be both the head of the chain plate conveyer tail into the mixture of superimposed chain makes the bottle ( Tank) Excessive body is in dynamic state, transportation, online not stranded materials can be satisfied with empty bottles and bottles of pressure and without pressure. 1, the center line of the frame and longitudinal center line of chain conveyor requirements, its deviation & le; 2mm。 2, scraper chain conveyor frame pillar to install ground vertical deviation & le; 2mm/m。 3, chain conveyor, the long horizontal deviation between two stents & le; 2 mm, stent lateral horizontal windage & le; 1mm/m。 4, rail longitudinal centerline distance deviation of scraper chain conveyor & le; 1mm。 5, chain conveyor track deviation & le; 2mm。 6, chain conveyor rail straightness deviation & le; 1. 5毫米/米; Total length of the straightness deviation & le; 5 mm, curved section of the track should be smooth. 7, in the same cross section, the chain plate conveyer two orbit relative elevation deviation & le; ± 2mm。 8, rail welding is allowed, chain conveyor to bright and smooth, but joint around the offset deviation & le; ± 1毫米; Upper and lower deviation deviation & le; 0. 3毫米( Direction to allow only along the chain plate and low) 。 9, chain conveyor motor axis and reducer input shaft axis should be parallel to the belt wheel should be in the same plane. 10, chain conveyor drive sprocket axis to the center line of the scraper chain conveyor verticality deviation & le; 1毫米/米; Two horizontal center between the sprocket wheel and the center line of the deviation & le; 1mm。 11, chain plate conveyor tail wheel axis of the center line of the scraper chain conveyor verticality deviation & le; 1毫米/米; Two horizontal center between the sprocket wheel and the center line of the deviation & le; 1 mm 12, chain plate conveyor tail shaft horizontal windage & le; 1mm/m。 13, chain conveyor chain plate of the roller shaft centerline verticality deviation of the center line of the conveyor & le; 1mm/m。 14, chain plate conveyor roller shaft installed horizontal windage & le; 1mm。 15, chain plate conveyor roller under the bus bar should be in the same horizontal plane, the height deviation between two roller under the bus bar & le; 1mm。
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