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Calculation method and type selection of belt conveyor motor power

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-18

The size of the belt conveyor we usually say refers to the motor power used with the belt conveyor. The motor power of the belt conveyor determines how much coal material can be transported by this equipment. If it is overloaded If the motor power is not enough, it will damage the equipment and even cause the motor to burn out.

First of all, we need to determine the bandwidth of the belt conveyor, and the rest is just the choice of motor power. Common belt conveyor bandwidths are: 650mm , 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm. The driving power of belt loading conveyor is usually composed of three parts, namely, the power required when the conveyor is idling, the power required by the conveyor to transport the load horizontally, and the power required by the conveyor to lift the load. (News Recommendation: Design Rules and Instructions for Belt Transfer Chute)

The following formula can be used to calculate:

Pu003d〔C×f× L×(3.6Gm×V+Qt)+Qt×H]/367

In the formula, P——the shaft power of the driving drum (kW);

C——the conveyor belt , the resistance coefficient of the bearing, etc.;

f——the resistance coefficient of the idler, fu003d0.025~0.030;

L——the level of the center distance between the driving roller and the redirecting roller Projection (m);

Gm——the weight of rotating parts such as conveyor belt, idler, reversing roller (kg/m);

V——belt speed (m/ s);

Qt——conveying capacity (t/h), Qtu003dIv×density of conveyed material;

Iv——conveying capacity (m3/h);

Iv——conveying capacity (m3/h);

Iv——conveying capacity (m3/h); p>

H——Conveying height (m);

B——Bandwidth (mm).

The calculation method of motor power is as follows:

1. First calculate the tension of the transmission belt u003d total load * rolling friction coefficient

2. Pulling force * radius of driving wheel u003d driving torque

3. According to transmission speed, calculate the rotational speed of driving wheel u003d transmission speed/perimeter of driving wheel

4. Motor The power (KW) u003d torque (N/M) * driving wheel speed (r/min)

Finally, you can calculate the result according to 4, and select the corresponding motor.

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