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Brief Analysis of the Disadvantages of the Belt Conveyor Protection Device

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-05

The main disadvantages of the anti-deviation switches that are widely used by YiFan conveyor roller belt conveyor manufacturers today are: 1. The working status of each deviation switch cannot be remotely and independently displayed, and generally there is no contact action self-locking and maintaining function.

When there is a deviation switch action, it is difficult to determine which action it is, and it is necessary to observe on-site to determine the deviation of the conveyor belt

the specific location. ②The mechanical roller structure is difficult to withstand the impact of the conveyor belt for a long time, and it needs to be repaired and replaced frequently


(2) Anti-slip switch
Anti-slip switch is It is used to detect the connection between the conveyor belt and the drive conveyor roller.

A protection device for slipping between
and giving an alarm, which can be used to automatically trigger an emergency stop when the conveyor belt slips. skid

It is a relatively serious fault phenomenon, which may be caused by overloading, the conveyor belt is blocked, the belt is broken, the loading conveyor roller is stuck, the drive

The speed of the motor is abnormal, etc. If it is not stopped in time, it may cause serious accidents such as serious equipment damage, fire and personal injury


There are many types of slip switches, and their working principles and detection methods are also different. For example, according to the detection method, there are direct

Connected to detect the speed of the conveyor belt and compare it with the set standard speed

The standard speed comparison slip switch, there is a contrast type slip switch that simultaneously detects the speed of the conveyor roller and the speed of the conveyor belt and compares them; according to the internal working principle, there are magnetoresistive type, magnetoelectric type, photosensitive type, etc. Wait. Partial slip switch device

It can also provide real-time signal display and output of conveyor belt line speed or conveyor roller speed.

Currently widely used

The problems that are often encountered in the installation and use of the slip switches used are:

①There are many types of slip switches, which often appear in applications

Inappropriate selection. Some products are difficult to adapt to the harsh environmental conditions on site, such as dust, humidity, vibration, etc. some produce

It is difficult to install the product on site, such as the split product with the speed measuring probe and the control box separated, the on-site installation and wiring are more troublesome.


Multi-product is to judge whether slippage occurs by comparing the difference between the actual speed of the conveyor belt and the rated standard speed, so it needs to have a

The function of avoiding the start and stop process of the conveyor, so it is impossible to judge whether the conveyor has started or stopped.

Slippage occurred during the process. However, in the process of starting the conveyor, due to the existence of acceleration, and to overcome the large static friction and

There may be a jam phenomenon, and it is very easy to slip.

3. Anti-tear switch

The tear switch is a protection device that detects the longitudinal tear of the conveyor belt and alarms. It can be used to automatically trigger when the loading conveyor belt is torn

Emergency shutdown. Most of the tearing occurs at the exit of the hopper at the end of the conveyor belt, because the large hard objects in the material are stuck on the exit of the hopper.

The mouth is scratched or even scratched through the conveyor belt. Some tearing is often caused by the deformation of the conveyor belt bracket and the idler.


According to different detection methods and working principles, there are photoelectric and conductive rubber installed under the conveyor belt.

Glue-type tear switch: There is a pull-line switch installed under the conveyor belt; there is a baffle installed at the end of the conveyor belt and the outlet of the hopper

type tear switch; in addition, there are vibration induction type tear switch and so on.
The widely used tear switch main

The main disadvantages are:

①Most of the tear switches can only operate after the conveyor belt is torn and penetrated, which makes the protection of the tear switch

The effect is very limited. Many products have poor reliability and stability, and many users simply give up the installation of tear switches, and rely on

Reduce the possibility of tearing by indirect means such as strengthening inspection and minimizing the large debris in the material.

②Many products

Products are prone to malfunction under slight disturbance, affecting the normal operation of the conveyor belt.

③Most products use several sensors

The split structure of the detector probe plus a control box makes it inconvenient for on-site inspection and maintenance.

Above respectively from the work

The function and disadvantage of belt conveyor protection device are briefly discussed in terms of energy, structure and performance. Overall, we now

The belt conveyor protection device used in the product has single function, backward performance, complex structure and appearance.

Roughness, poor reliability and other disadvantages. However, Chinese production enterprises are currently changing from extensive to intensive, from labor-intensive to technical

In the process of changing technology-intensive mode, how to ensure production safety and increase efficiency while reducing personnel input

Rate and benefit are an important issue facing every enterprise.

Condition detection including belt conveyor protection

The improvement of the device will definitely improve the reliability and stability of the operation of the conveying equipment of the production enterprise, and ultimately reflect the production efficiency

substantially improved. If you have any questions after reading the above, please call our hotline 400-

9922-918, sincerely serve you to solve your doubts. For more information on conveyor rollers, unpowered conveyor rollers and conveyor lines, please visit our official website.

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