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Belt conveyor unloading

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-08
The introduction of belt conveyor unloading. Speaking of conveyors, we can see that a very common one is the belt conveyor. Its appearance has not only helped many companies, but also various industries to improve the efficiency of conveying and conveying. It has greatly reduced labor costs and turned the original work of three or even five people into a machine. 1. Speed u200bu200bprotection of belt conveyor. If the conveyor fails, such as the motor is burned, the mechanical transmission part is damaged, the belt or chain is broken, the belt slips, etc., the magnetic switch in the accident sensor SG installed on the driven part of the conveyor cannot be closed or cannot be closed at normal speed At this time, the control system will function after a certain delay according to the inverse time limit characteristic, and the speed protection circuit will take effect to execute some actions and cut off the power supply of the motor to avoid the expansion of the accident. 2. Temperature protection of belt conveyor. When the belt loading conveyor roller and the belt friction cause the temperature to exceed the limit, the detection device (transmitter) installed close to the roller sends out an over-temperature signal. After the receiver receives the signal, a 3s delay is passed to execute part of the action and cut off the power supply of the motor. , The conveyor stops automatically, which plays a role of temperature protection. 3. The belt conveyor stops at any point in the middle of the protection. When you need to turn it on again, first reset the switch, and then press the signal switch to send a signal. There are three main ways to choose the unloading device: 1) Plow unloader, 2) Unloading trolley, 3) Reversible storage tape . Plow unloader    plow unloader is divided into manual plow unloader and electric plow unloader. Manual plow unloaders are now only used in some small coal mines and power plants, and new coal mines are rarely used. Most electric plough unloaders have variable groove angles.   Variable groove angle plow unloader is mainly composed of electric push rod, drive push rod, variable groove angle idler group, flat idler group, plow board and electric device. Its working feature is that when the unloading plow is pushed down by an external force, the idler group of the supporting conveyor belt under the plow can be synchronized with the unloading plow to develop from the trough shape into a straight line under the external force. At this time, the unloading plow will scrape the material plane. It can compress the upper plane of the conveyor belt to realize double-sided or single-sided discharge.  When the unloading plow is pulled by an external force and lifted, the idler set of the supporting conveyor belt under the plow is restored to a trough shape from a flattened shape, and the material can pass through the current plow-type unloader to release the unloading state.   Its advantage is that it greatly reduces the wear of the plough unloader on the belt. The disadvantage is that the structure is relatively complicated, the installation and debugging is troublesome, and there are occasions such as inflexible action and jamming during use. At the same time, because the gap between the conveyor belt and the scraper plane under the unloading plow cannot be adjusted, the material will not be cleaned.  Plow unloader is used for unloading at any point in the horizontal section of belt loading conveyor. The plough unloader has two types of single-side and double-side unloading. It is suitable for belt conveyors with a belt speed of Vu003d2.5m/s, a material size of 25mm or less, and a small abrasiveness. The conveyor belt adopts a vulcanized joint. . Unloading trolley    unloading trolley is mainly composed of reversing roller, driving device, blanking funnel, active walking wheel, driven walking wheel, frame, brake and electronic control device.  In order to improve the problem of dust pollution during the unloading process, the unloading trolley can also be equipped with a dust removal system and a tape sealing device. The unloading trolley throws the materials into the three-way funnel by changing the direction of the drum, and the materials can be discharged into the two-side funnel or the middle discharge port under the control of the electric flap. The blanking to the middle blanking port is mainly used for the unloading trolley to adjust the position and feed the tail bin. Its advantage is that it can adapt to the working conditions of high belt speed and large processing capacity without damaging the tape; the disadvantage is that for unloading, the upper drum must be lifted to a certain height, so the unloading trolley is huge and complicated, and the body is longer. The hollow section of the concave arc causes at least a section above 10m of the feeding trough to be unloaded, which will restrict the equipment layout. As the height and length of the plant increase, so does the investment. Its characteristic is that the height of the fuselage is low, the height of the building is reduced, and the infrastructure investment is saved. However, the track is long and laid on the floor, it is easy to spill materials on the track when unloading, and the track will get stuck when it runs back and forth. The walking drive is a sprocket drive. Through the introduction of this article, the introduction of the belt conveyor unloading device is here. I believe everyone has a certain understanding. Now the technology is developing rapidly, and more products are being developed. , If you encounter any questions during use, you can also consult us directly.
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