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Belt conveyor maintenance method

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-08
The belt conveyor system is an endless loop that carries our products and commodities, and is an active mechanical system. The pulleys and powertrain move under those strong rubber belts. They are lubricated, cleaned and repaired according to a specially prescribed maintenance schedule. Active maintenance work checks the equipment for minor system failures so that it can be repaired before major mechanical defects occur. In the service log, this is our maintenance checklist. Coordinating the system approach First, not every checklist item is involved every time a log is retrieved from the office. There are daily inspections, weekly inspections, and even monthly schedules. The latter lists major overhauls, which are system checks that require significant equipment downtime. Regarding daily inspections, they are basic equipment inspections that provide safety and productivity guarantees. Daily safety and productivity technicians test equipment shields. No one should wear loose clothes, but some careless team members ignore the safety guidelinesu200bu200b. Check the existence of safety barriers, emergency stop and barrier micro switches to turn them off immediately. The safety of the assembly line is of paramount importance, so these personnel protection measures must operate normally. Flipping the page, the checklist focuses on productivity. The electric eye was adjusted, the pneumatic solenoid was tested, and the belt debris was removed. Start the in-depth system to check that there is no paper scraps on the packaging tape. At the same time, the conveyor system with food function is cleaned every day to keep the equipment in a completely sterile and bacteria-free state. The list still does not check the monthly or even biennial inspection items, but this does not mean that these equipment parts will be ignored. For example, belt pulley lubrication requires system shutdown, which is a time-consuming action. However, if there is one, the technician should check the fuel gauge once a week. In this way, the abnormal oil leakage phenomenon is known. Belt tracking issues for major maintenance activities have worsened over time. To make matters worse, loading conveyor debris can enter the machine. This is a monthly list. Extracted from the maintenance log, it lists many major mechanical inspections. The pulley needs to be aligned. Perform this task, tick the ink tank, and then continue to the next job. Is the belt tensioned correctly? The material woven rubber strip crawls forward and lifts from its pulley, so please adjust the tensioning mechanism. Belt tension, belt cleanliness, personnel protection measures and all these items and more are clearly listed in the maintenance log. The result did not show an obvious pattern, but when the maintenance staff entered the recorded data into the computer, the pattern could be resolved. Over time, if you manage the maintenance list properly, you will discover system flaws that were previously vague.
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