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Belt conveyor head driving device

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-06
The head transmission device is composed of a transmission reel, a reducer, a hydraulic coupling, a frame, an unloading drum, and a cleaner. The head transmission device is the driving part of the entire loading conveyor. The two motors transmit the torque to the two transmission rollers through a hydraulic coupling and a reducer respectively (two gears can also be used for transmission in series). When using gear transmission, a set of motor, hydraulic coupling and reducer should be removed. The hydraulic coupling is YL-400 type, which is composed of pump wheel, turbine wheel, casing, driven shaft, etc. It is characterized by an auxiliary chamber on the side of the pump wheel. After the motor is started, the liquid flow enters the work through the small hole Therefore, the load can be started in a relatively balanced manner, while the motor is started at a near-hard load. When working, add No. 20 mechanical oil to the housing, and the oil filling amount is 14m3. The reducer adopts the upper gear to reduce the speed, and the first stage is a circular cone. The gears, the second and third stages are helical and straight cylindrical gears, with a total transmission ratio of 25.564. They are interchangeable with SGW-620/40T scraper conveyors. The reducer is directly connected to the frame with bolts. The transmission drum is a welded structure with an outer diameter of Φ500 mm. The surface of the drum has a special vulcanized rubber layer. Therefore, it has a good effect on improving the eua value of the tape and the drum, preventing slippage and reducing the initial tension. Unloading end and head cleaner, belt type backstop, easy to unload, the foremost part of the machine head has an extended unloading arm, composed of unloading roller and extension frame, the roller is installed on the extension frame, its axis position can pass through the bearing The bolts on both sides are adjusted to adjust the deviation of the tape on the head of the machine. There are two cleaners at the lower part of the unloading drum. Since the cleaner scraper is pressed tightly on the tape, the adhered coal can be removed. , With backstop to prevent the tape from reversing when parking. The frame is a welded structure, assembled with bolts, and all the parts of the head transmission device are installed on the frame. The motor and reducer can be installed on the left or right side of the frame according to the specific situation.
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