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Belt conveyor belt damage repair method

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-17

Rubber conveyor belts are inevitably damaged during use. For example, various strip-shaped sharps mixed in the transportation process, such as welding rods, steel brazing, etc., may be embedded in the conveyor belt at any time and cause longitudinal tearing. It is especially prone to occur on tubular conveyor belts and steel wire rope conveyor belts, or the mechanical belt mouth falls off, the idler is damaged, the outer path of the wire rope core, and the blanking baffle is damaged, etc., resulting in the deviation of the conveyor belt, which can cause the conveyor belt. Tear longitudinally.

It is relatively easy to repair the above-mentioned defects with rubber repair agent, which is faster and more economical than vulcanization repair. The rubber repairing agent is a prepolymerized compound. It is a two-component liquid at room temperature. After mixing in proportion, it self-vulcanizes into polyurethane rubber. It cures and forms at room temperature. Grinding and high toughness. Rubber repair fluid is very effective in repairing longitudinally torn rubber-steel core tapes, but cannot be used as an adhesive. For the local damage of the loading conveyor belt surface, the diameter is not more than 1/1 of the width of the belt.
5, the conveyor belt still has sufficient overall strength, and can be repaired with repair fluid without leakage. Two belt conveyors suitable for coal mining

The repair process is divided into three steps:

1. Surface treatment

The purpose of surface treatment is to make the repair agent better bond with the conveyor belt frame. Grind the crack to 60°
~90°bevel. And clean the surface, which is the key to a successful repair. In operation, it is necessary to cut into different grooves according to the damage situation, as shown in Figure 2-12, it is best to use a grinding wheel to grind it. Clean it with a cleaning solution (such as internal ketone, etc.).

2. Gluing and repairing

Select a liquid repair agent, mix resin and curing agent in proportion, stir evenly, Apply in the groove. The general curing time is a few minutes to ten minutes. The repair work must be completed before curing, and the groove should be larger, so that the repair agent can stick the damaged cover glue.

3. Conditioning and curing

The repairing agent undergoes self-vulcanization in the groove to obtain its physical and chemical properties and bonding effect with the substrate. Usually at room temperature for a few hours to a few days, the first few hours are basic vulcanization, which can reach 70% of complete curing
~80% level. One day, 24 hours, can reach 90%. When the ambient temperature increases, the curing time is significantly shortened. Therefore, it is necessary to add insulation or heating curing measures during outdoor construction in winter. In the future, the intelligent development of belt conveyors can be expected

The connection and repair of conveyor belts can use stripping machines, opening machines, edge trimming machines, grinding machines, Melting machines and other mechanized and automated tools are produced in China. With the application of nanotechnology, it has been found that nitrile ceramic MDI synthetic rubber 95 can repair damaged conveyor belts immediately: M-SS ceramic can repair cracks in frames, rollers, etc.

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