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Bearing maintenance of mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-25
We have introduced the bearing maintenance and lubrication of mobile conveyors. I believe everyone has a certain understanding, but there may be many friends who do not know very well about the bearing lubrication and maintenance of mobile conveyors. So some customers call to say how to lubricate the bearings of our mobile conveyors? What should we pay attention to during the lubrication process? In order to solve these questions, we deliberately made a small summary of the bearing lubrication of the mobile conveyor. I still hope to be of some help to everyone. 1. Check the oil volume inside the drum before use. The oil volume should be 2/5 of the drum diameter; check whether the motor wiring is correct. This check before use is very important. 2. The drum must be started without load. It seems that all conveyors are the same, which is also to ensure that the service life of the loading conveyor can be extended accordingly. 3. Change the lubricating oil after the drum has been working for the first time for 300 hours and then change the oil every 5000 hours and carry out maintenance. In this way, regular maintenance can also ensure the efficiency of the roller in the most difficult planning, and it also better guarantees the stability and better use of other parts of the conveyor. Generally speaking, the bearing maintenance and lubrication requirements of the mobile loading conveyor are mainly these points, which can be regarded as relatively perfect. If you have a good lubrication method for conveyor bearings, please call us to tell us. We will update you as soon as possible.
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