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Assembly line, electric vehicle production line is introduced

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-23
Conveying carrier of electric vehicle production line depends on the chain plate conveyor line can be under high load, long distance transmission; Line body to form into straight line, turning transmission; Chain plate width can design according to the customer or the actual situation. Chain plate form for the linear chain plate, chain plate around the corner. The main structure material is made of carbon steel welded or galvanized, clean room stainless steel production and food industry. Chain plate conveyor line is widely used in diesel engines, household appliances, food, automobile, motorcycle, engine, assembly and transportation industries. Chain plate conveyor chain traction, bearing steel, such as plastic plate fixed on the conveyor on both sides of the guide in the chain, as a support mechanism. Light plate chain conveyor is often used in household appliances industry, location bearing capacity 100 kg, heavy plate chain conveyor is often used in automobile, agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, bearing capacity of station around 2 t. Transmission chain possible problems mainly has: the emergence, in the chain plate slot in the failure of the power away from the sprocket and so on. For transmission chain in the chain plate slot out, the reasons are: 1, chain plate conveyor line, chain plate groove bottom when laying failed to smooth paved straight according to design requirements, but uneven, excessive bending; 2, chain plate or plate chain, the groove serious wear and tear, large clearance between; 3, on both sides of the chain plate transmission chain length is different, unbalanced force; 4, chain plate deformation made chain plate chain from bending too much smaller; 5, chain plate conveyor line transmission chain tension is not enough, caused pile at the tail chain, the chain plate is easy to emerge from the chain plate slot. From the power away from the sprocket and chain, is the main reason is: 1, dynamic sprocket badly worn or whisk in sundry; 2, two chain slack inconsistent; 3, chain plate askew serious or difficult too big; 4, head installation does not reach the designated position, chain and perpendicularity of the nose is not in conformity with the requirements; 5, power between sprocket and the shaft gap too large power sprocket tilt or shaking.
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