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Assembly line common problem

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-27
Belt assembly line is one of the assembly line, occupies a large market, so the big businesses, use line to save labor and improve work efficiency. It can transport materials variety, can transport a variety of bulk material, also can transport all kinds of cartons, bags and other sheet lighter weight products, goods delivery, you can also be used for large supermarket cashier widely used. 1: line must be always from left to right or from right to left? In general, because most people used to right hand, and assembly line flowing from left to right. 2: the u-shaped assembly line is the most appropriate? Not necessarily, production line layout must according to the characteristics of the product and manufacturability. 3: the fast, the speed of the assembly line of his capacity is higher? Capacity of bottleneck process should depend on the operating time. If forced to improve production line speed will cause a lot of problems. 4: assembly line is designed to deliver products? Not exactly. The ultimate purpose is to achieve product & other; Flow continuity value & throughout; 。 5: why just shift work or for a period of time production is low? Is a preparation phase, and the problem of multiple time periods. So the succession management is critical. 6: the speed setting must maintain a constant flow? Every day? Should be a constant in the same product class, with different products in production line, there will be a speed change. 7: Pitch mark each case only one product? Not necessarily, should give priority to with the pursuit of a smooth production flow. 8: preassembly processing speed the sooner the better? Buffer stock more many more good? No, should be on-demand production. But the preassembly processing speed slightly faster than assembly speed. 9: assembly line to find the backlog, kanban can show progress, line length to urge employees faster do? The first two are right, but the third, not necessarily in the production of the beat normal circumstances should not be urged the staff, it will cause some unnecessary problems ( Such as: urge change make the employees work hand, ignore the inspection) 10: line length say someone asks for leave, can't row line right? If unable to borrow, let staff to separate homework? The line length is doing, he cannot! Separate operation is bad, disturb the beat, reduced productivity, at the same time lead to change too much, because a link less people, production decline, but not many. Where is the emergency countermeasures also appear this kind of problem? Managers don't consider these common problems, what kind of work in. 11: staff standing do, or doing the reasonable? 吗? Because of the product. 12: streamline the container should be special or general, he what is the size of the! Should design the most general, not general special treatment. 13: the height of the line width and the height of the machine how many reasonable width? According to the principle of ergonomics, seated workbench 65 ~ 75 cm high, 38 ~ 45 seats; Standing type workbench 85 ~ 95 cm, 58-62 seats, and bedplate of 20 ~ 30 feet.
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