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Application and structure improvement of vertical conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-20
The vertical conveyor is a hanging cage structure and adopts chain traction. The conveyor is mainly composed of: gantry frame, outer transparent sealing plate, lifting cage, lifting drive system, electrical control system, counterweight device, fast rolling door, maintenance escalator, etc. . The vertical conveyors used in the production workshops of the textile manufacturing industry are mainly responsible for conveying various types of vehicles with wheels, such as wire carts, hydraulic carts, and paper tube carts. The traditional vertical conveyors are simple in design and only have floors, while upgrading the cage is open. There is no door and no protection measures. In order to solve this kind of problems, the original technology produced a vehicle positioning bar and a tubular movable guardrail device, which also played a certain protective role in actual use. However, when the hoist moves up and down, the vehicle will slide out of the positioning bar. If the positioning bar is thickened, the vehicle will be very laborious to pull; and when the specifications of the wheels of each vehicle are different, the positioning bar cannot meet all requirements. Tubular movable guardrails are heavy and must be manually installed and disassembled each time the lift is operated. The operation is troublesome. Therefore, accidents continue to occur. Vehicles often slip out of the cage and cause jams and equipment damage, which seriously affects transportation reliability. . Because the vertical conveyor cage is open without door, it must be improved to ensure the reliability of cargo transportation. Therefore, the first generation of cage safety door is designed with a double-open hinge door, which is fixed with a latch and a cage, and is under the latch. Install in place detection switch and PLC communication to ensure safety. Advantages: simple structure, low cost, reliable transportation. OK: It is troublesome to operate by personnel and belongs to semi-automatic structure. After mechanical improvement, the second-generation product is developed: automatic retractable safety door for hanging cages. The safety door adopts front and rear door design, which is usually hidden under the hanging cage. The height is 450mm when extended. The retractable safety door is driven by air cylinders and is equipped with in-position detection and fast rolling doors. The vertical conveyor can run only after the retractable safety door is extended into position to ensure that the goods transported in the cage will not slip out regardless of whether the goods are transported in the cage or not, and the operation by personnel is simple and the transportation is reliable. The vertical loading conveyor is driven by a chain. After the full load is in place, the cage will be flush with the floor leveling pedal. When the goods are pulled out, the cage will rebound, which is 3 to 4cm higher than the floor leveling pedal, which will affect the cage. Put the goods in when empty. If the cage and floor leveling pedals are leveled when there is no load, when the goods are put in, the cage will gradually sink as the weight increases, and eventually it will be 3~4cm lower than the pedals, which will be affected by incorrect parking. Pulling out and inputting the goods after they are delivered in place. Analyze the reason: the original design can only meet the ideal state of the vertical conveyor. Because the weight of the hanging frame of the conveyor varies in actual operation, a certain amount of deformation of the chain will occur, so that the hanging frame is high. Step out or below the floor leveling pedal. To this end, we developed a floor locking device for correct floor stop, made grooved card plates, cylindrical bayonet plates, installed air cylinders, and travel switches. After the hoisting cage stops, the PLC outputs a signal to the solenoid valve to control the movement of the cylinder, and push the cylindrical bayonet plate forward to engage in the groove bayonet to ensure the correctness of the parking. The vertical loading conveyor lifting drive motor adopts a chain single-drive active shaft. In the case of chain damage and break, if the internal weight of the cage is greater than the counterweight, the cage will smash to the ground in free fall, and the internal weight of the cage will be less than that of the counterweight. The cage will be pulled to the top, causing serious damage to equipment, goods, etc., and safety cannot be guaranteed. The safety of the loading conveyor operation is the most important and must be guaranteed. For this reason, a double-drive method with a double insurance on each side of the chain is adopted, and a break detection switch is installed on the chain. Once the chain breaks, the alarm will be stopped and the maintenance personnel will check It can be used after maintenance. The vertical conveyor has been continuously improved to reduce the failure rate to zero and solve three major problems: transportation reliability, stopping accuracy, and safety. The operation of the vertical conveyor is stable and reliable, meeting production requirements, ensuring the safety of conveyor equipment and personnel, and reducing the labor intensity of workers.
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