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Analyze the needs of the stainless steel roller conveyor control system

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-26
The stainless steel roller conveyor is usually composed of transmission roller set, roller set, tensioning equipment, cleaner, conveyor belt, guide trough and various protective equipment, and main components such as head, tail frame and intermediate frame. The driving equipment of the stainless steel roller conveyor is mainly divided into mechanical driving equipment and hydraulic driving equipment. The mechanical driving equipment is to ensure the safety and reliability of the system during operation. Therefore, the design and selection are generally based on the system when it is fully loaded and operated for a long time. Under the conditions. The mechanical drive equipment is composed of a motor, a reducer, a hydraulic coupling and brake, a low-speed shaft coupling, a drive equipment frame, a protective cover, a rain cover, etc.  Stainless steel roller conveyor is capable of selecting straight lines, curves, slopes and other conveying lines when conveying materials. Stainless steel roller conveyors can be divided into heavy belt conveyors such as mining stainless steel roller conveyors according to their transportation capabilities, and light stainless steel roller conveyors such as those used in food, light industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The stainless steel roller conveyor mainly uses the control system to conduct command operations when transporting materials, but the stainless steel roller conveyor control system also has certain requirements. If the electric motor in the stainless steel roller loading conveyor is directly started under heavy load, the power supply is required to supply a current six to seven times larger than that during normal operation. In this way, the electric timing will generate heat and burn due to the excessive current and the long starting time, and the power grid will also be caused by the current. When the voltage speed is too large, the roller and the belt will slip and conflict, which will cause the conveyor belt to wear out quickly and affect the life of the belt. Therefore, under heavy load, the stainless steel roller conveyor can generate torque at low speed, smoothly, and without impact to reduce dynamic stress. If the acceleration of the large-incline stainless steel roller conveyor is too large, it will cause the material to slide down.   When the stainless steel roller conveyor is used in conjunction, there is a loader at the front, and an unloader or a transfer belt machine at the back. This requires three machines to operate in sequence. Or the capacity of the stainless steel roller conveyor is too large. When there is a heavy load, the motor will heat the car and burn it. This requires a speed control device. When the load is large, the material can be quickly transported, and when the material is small , It can run at low speed and complete full load operation. During the operation of the stainless steel roller conveyor, many signals such as installation faults, safety, and material particles should be monitored.
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