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Analyze the characteristics of roller conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-15
Roller conveyor is the evolution of commonly used automatic conveying equipment, and is a conveying machine that has been improved by the different needs of various industries in the market. The roller conveyor has developed from a simple conveying device in the past to a conveying process from the raw material to the finished product. It can complete different sorting actions and the execution of different processes, and carry out a variety of control methods. So as to achieve the final product shape of the conveyed material, in the process of its conveying, it can be conveyed in parallel, inclined, spiral and vertical lines. When the roller conveyor conveys materials, the belt is mainly used as the conveying medium to convey various products, and the requirements of different processes are fulfilled during the conveying process. Since the conveying equipment is used for a long time, it will inevitably cause abrasion and damage of various conveying accessories, such as the sliding of the belt and the pulley, there are three main reasons: one is that the wrap angle is too small or the pretension of the belt Too small; second, the friction coefficient between the belt and the pulley may be too small; third, the most effective way to solve the sliding problem is to increase the friction system through the use of a pulley guard. With the help of a positive angle design, the pulley guard Simultaneous advancement will also prevent material being transported. When the roller conveyor is running, the materials will fall and accumulate under or on the surface of the roller conveyor, which will also cause damage to the lower side of the roller conveyor and the supporting rollers. When we use the roller loading conveyor accessory double roller drive, material accumulation may be a unique problem. When the two-way double rollers are transported, the materials accumulate in the center of the roller body, causing bending and deformation, and the splicing part is often the first part to be damaged. The traditional way to solve this problem is to resort to manual maintenance and installation of wooden scrapers. However, if the conveying material sticks, a feasible solution is to use two sets of scraper systems, one is the top cleaning scraper and the other is the T-type cleaning scraper. These are all about the characteristics of roller conveyors.
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