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Analyze the cause of excessive heating of the vibration motor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-29
2012-03-26 08:53:45 Analyze the reason why the vibration motor heats up too high. The main reason for this failure is too much or too little grease, the oil contains impurities, the bearing is not properly matched with the journal or end cover, and the bearing The inner hole is eccentric and rubs against the shaft, the motor end cover or bearing cover is not installed flat, the coupling between the motor and the load is not corrected, or the belt is too tight, the bearing gap is too large or too small, and the motor shaft is bent. Screw loading conveyor troubleshooting method: regularly add lubricating grease, replace with clean lubricating grease, if it is too loose, you can repair it with an adhesive, if it is too tight, grind the shaft journal or the inner hole of the end cover to make it fit, repair the bearing cover to eliminate rubbing points , Re-assemble and re-calibrate, adjust the belt tension, replace the new bearing to correct the motor shaft or replace the rotor. The cause of the failure: The power supply voltage is too high, which greatly increases the iron core fever, the power supply voltage is too low, the motor runs with rated load, and the current is too high to cause the winding to have a fever. When repairing and removing the winding, the hot disassembly method is used to improperly burn the iron core, and the stator and rotor cores are rubbed together. The motor is overloaded or frequently started, the cage rotor is broken, the motor is running in two phases without phase, the winding is scheduled to be painted after rewinding, the winding is not fully dipped, the ambient temperature is high, the surface of the electric idea is too dirty, or the air duct is blocked, the electric idea fan is faulty and the air ventilation is poor , The stator winding is faulty. Troubleshooting method: reduce the power supply voltage, if the motor Y, Δ connection method is wrong, correct the connection method, increase the power supply voltage or change the thick power supply wire, inspect the iron core to eliminate the fault, eliminate the rubbing point, control the start according to the specified number of times, and check And eliminate the rotor winding failure, restore the three-phase operation, adopt the secondary dipping and vacuum dipping process, the cleaning machine improves the ambient temperature and adopts cooling measures, check and repair the fan, replace if necessary, and inspect the stator winding to eliminate the fault.
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