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Analyze how to realize the non-destructive operation of the roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-25
In terms of improving the structure of the belt roller conveyor assembly, the primary technical optimization details of the roller conveyor are now introduced as follows, and then the editor will give us a brief introduction. I hope we can learn more and support us a lot.   Regarding the new structure, the first thing is to install the roller on the central shaft inside the roller by a through method, and the supporting shaft brackets located at both ends of the shaft. A wear-resistant layer is fixed on the outer surface of the roller body of the conveyor. After spraying a wear-resistant layer on the outer surface of the steel roller, it can effectively improve the slippage of the belt conveyor during the conveying process. The abrasion resistance of the loading conveyor belt and the drive roller can be improved, thereby increasing the overall service life of the loading conveyor. Because the new structure adopts polyurethane encapsulated wear-resistant layer, it has a long service life, less protection, and good combination with the belt working surface compared with ordinary reversing rollers. It does not absorb water, does not slip, has a large friction coefficient and is not easy to deform. , Shedding, tearing and chipping, strong practicability, especially suitable for the transportation of sand, cement, and chemical materials. Because most of the belt roller conveyors at that time were made of steel or iron materials, the transmission roller of this raw material directly contacted the loading conveyor belt, and the use of this method of coordination simply formed the phenomenon of slippage of the conveyor belt during long-term use, and The wear is more serious, which affects the service life of the entire conveyor. After scientifically solving the insufficiency of on-site skills, a new type of roller conveyor consisting of a shaft frame, wear-resistant layer, roller body, bearing, support pair, and high-strength components of the central shaft can meet the practical needs of the site. It passes through the bearing to penetrate the device on the central shaft inside the drum, and at both ends of the central shaft is provided with a supporting shaft frame, and a layer of rubber wear-resistant layer is fixed on the outer surface of the drum to realize the maintenance of large load without damage. Work status.
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