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Analysis on the selection of the start mode of the belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-13
Adjustable hydraulic coupling has the advantages of low price, high cost performance, and good soft start performance. It plays a good role in balancing the power of each motor (referring to how much work an object does in a unit time). Stainless steel chain plate assembly line metal transmission chain plate, heat treatment furnace high temperature resistant chain plate; stainless steel chain plate; loading conveyor chain plate; tunnel kiln chain plate; drying mechanical chain plate; coating equipment chain plate; spraying equipment chain plate; cleaning machine Chain plate; food chain plate; food cleaning conveyor chain plate; oil injection cooling chain plate; drying furnace stainless steel chain plate, industrial conveyor chain plate, baffle conveyor belt; chain loading conveyor belt; fruit and vegetable cleaning chain plate; quick freezing machine chain net; quick freezing Horseshoe mesh chain; logistics conveyor belts such as special conveyor chains for vegetable dehydration assembly line equipment. belts with traction parts. belts generally include: traction parts, load-bearing components, driving devices, tensioning devices, redirecting devices, and supports. Traction parts are used to transmit traction, which can be conveyor belts, traction chains or steel wire ropes (composed of steel wires, rope cores and grease); load-bearing components are used to carry materials, including hoppers, brackets or spreaders, etc.; drive devices are used for conveying The machine is powered by a motor, a reducer and a brake (stop); the tensioning device generally has two types of screw type and heavy hammer type, which can maintain a certain tension and sag of the traction member to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor belt ; The supporting member is used to support the traction member or the load-bearing member, and can adopt rollers, rollers, etc. The disadvantage is that it is large in size, occupies a large space, and the fuel tank has a large heating value, and it is necessary to install heat exchange equipment. The frequency conversion soft start technology is a new type of soft start technology that has developed rapidly in recent years, and its application on large inclination belt conveyors shows its unique advantages. At present, the power of my country's single-frequency converter can reach 2250KW. The advantages of variable frequency soft start are that it can achieve power balance among multiple drive motors, has good soft start performance, large space occupation, good speed regulation performance, and can run with load for a long time at any speed of 10% to 100%. It not only has obvious energy-saving effect, but also can meet the requirements of low-speed test belt. The disadvantage is that the high-voltage inverter products are not explosion-proof. The advantages of belt conveyor CST soft start are good soft start and soft brake performance, low starting slip rate and high conveying efficiency. Its disadvantages are high price, high operating cost, and inconvenient use and maintenance. Through the above comparison, it is concluded that the selection principle of the start mode of the high-incline belt conveyor is: when the power of the drive unit is less than 500KW, the adjustable hydraulic coupling is selected first, and the frequency conversion soft start in the range of 500~1500KW has priority over the power of the drive unit. If the drive unit speed is higher than 1500KW, the soft start of CST should be considered. Belt conveyor should be equipped with reverse stop device and brake device at the same time. The dryer mesh belt is a machine that uses static friction to transport materials in a continuous manner by friction drive. The double-speed chain assembly line such as the special conveyor chain network for vegetable dehydration line equipment is usually called: the self-flowing conveyor system double-speed chain loading conveyor is mainly used for material transportation in assembly and processing production lines. The transportation principle is to use the speed-increasing function of the double-speed chain to make it The tooling board that supports the cargo moves quickly and stops at the corresponding operating position through the stopper; or through the corresponding instruction to complete the accumulation and release action and the functions of shifting, shifting, special line and so on. Because the platform of this machine needs to be used repeatedly, it is rarely used alone. Instead, it forms a horizontal or vertical circulation system with various special machines such as jacking translator and jacking indexer. Under normal circumstances, the large-angle belt conveyor should first adopt a low-speed backstop + high-speed brake. Because compared with the high-speed backstop, the low-speed backstop has the advantages of stable quality, safety and reliability, and will not cause impact on the reducer. High-speed brakes are inexpensive and simple in structure. Combined with low-speed backstops, they can meet the requirements of general large-angle belt conveyors. In order to ensure the safety of the belt conveyor, a long-distance, large-volume, large-incline belt conveyor is used. You can also choose low-speed backstop and low-speed brake. For coal mine belt conveyors, braking devices and reversing devices should be set according to the specific working environment and conditions. In practice, there are mainly three different working conditions: horizontal, up and down. When determining the braking force or the reverse force acting on the drive drum, special working conditions should be paid attention to.
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