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Analysis of the development trend of automatic control technology of conveyor assembly line

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-15

lines are also called conveyor lines by industry insiders, and are essential conveying equipment for the production of various products. according to different

The types and properties of materials are also classified differently. During the production and transportation of materials, the products need to be processed from raw materials to finished products.

After many manufacturing processes, for some more complex products, there will be hundreds of processes in the production process, sometimes

A production line needs hundreds of conveying equipment to complete the production better. Certain industrial products with complex manufacturing processes require

It can be completed by dividing into several production lines, and the objects of control are very scattered. For the process control system of the conveying industry

In other words, the conveyor line must be decomposed into several control subsystems, but if there is no communication between these independent control subsystems

Effective coordination, centralized monitoring and management, the entire production line will not be able to carry out normal production. Networking is to control each

The subsystem establishes data through the communication network to exchange and contact, and realizes centralized control, coordinating production and process with each other

, quality parameters, accept the work instructions of the management personnel.

1. Networking
With the network

With the rapid development of information and the accumulation of production data, it is no longer possible to use traditional management methods and manual data recording modes.

Enough to meet the development requirements of modern production enterprises. Real-time collection of production information, data statistics and networking of query have become

It is an effective means for modern production enterprises to improve work efficiency and reduce production costs. To achieve the realisation of field data and equipment information

The functions of time acquisition and data analysis, remote issuing of instructions and control of conveying equipment urgently require widely distributed

The field production data is networked.

For the industrial process control system-conveyor assembly line control system, it must be

It is necessary to decompose the industrial automation conveyor line into several control subsystems, such as

Without effective coordination and centralized monitoring and management, the entire loading conveyor line cannot operate normally. Networking is the

The control system establishes a data exchange connection through the communication network, and realizes centralized monitoring, coordinating production, process and quality parameters.

Number, accept the work instructions of the management personnel; it can also realize the centralized monitoring and management of remote multiple conveyor lines, and adjust the reasonable adjustment

Equipped with various production elements to minimize manufacturing costs. This is the control system based on the network.

2. Intelligent
In complex industrial automation production lines, various control subsystems

The control task is heavy and the real-time performance is strong. It is impossible to centrally control through the communication network. The control subsystem must complete the control task independently.

Services, and transmit control status, control parameters, alarm information, etc. to the central control, and accept the central control's instructions. In addition, the industrial process control system

The system should also have intelligent functions such as early warning prompts, fault tracing prompts, and auxiliary decision-making. Intelligent controller and testing equipment

In order to realize the real distributed control of industrial process control. The intelligence of industrial process control systems reduces manual intervention,

However, manual scheduling of instructions, maintenance, analysis and decision-making is required, so a human-machine interface is still required; at the same time, the intelligence of the system enables

The manual workload is greatly reduced, the amount of information is greatly increased, and a human-machine interface with clear expression, easy operation and friendly operation is required to improve the

The level of participation and work interest of the people. Develop functions such as large-screen display, dynamic instructions, physical animation, man-machine dialogue, etc.

The more friendly human-machine interface is also the direction of intelligence.

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