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Analysis of Protection Device Components of Linear Mesh Belt Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-23
Linear mesh belt conveyor is a material conveying equipment that continuously conveys materials on a certain line, also known as continuous conveyor, and can also be divided into linear mesh belt type and mesh chain type. When the linear mesh belt loading conveyor is conveying materials, the conveying mesh belt is not easy to meander and deviate, and because the belt is thick, it can withstand cutting, collision, oil resistance, water resistance and other characteristics, and the transmission mode adopts sprocket drive. The pitch of the linear mesh belt can be selected from 12.7, 19.05, 25.4, 27.2, 38.1, 50.8, and the opening rate can be selected from 2% to 48%. The linear mesh belt loading conveyor will inevitably have some accidents when conveying materials, so there are also many protection devices. Next, Ningbo Yifang Machinery will take you to understand the analysis of the protection device of the linear mesh belt conveyor. The protection device of the linear mesh belt conveyor Different types of sensors form a control system with various functions, which can realize various protection functions such as slip protection, smoke protection, temperature protection, and coal pile protection. The core components are hard-wired logic circuits, CMOS integrated circuits, PLCs, and single-chip microcomputers. Due to the different technologies adopted by various manufacturers, the specific performance and structure are quite different. The protection device with the intelligent chip as the core of the linear mesh belt conveyor is designed with intelligent control chips such as single-chip microcomputer, DSP (digital information processing chip), and programmable logic device as the core design. , Automatic start and stop control, protection of temperature, speed, stacking, deviation, belt tearing, etc., and smoke, CO concentration over-limit alarm and automatic watering, etc. The data communication between such devices is mostly carried out by RS-485 serial bus, which can be uploaded to the coal mine centralized monitoring system in the main control room. Distributed control systems based on industrial bus have also begun to appear. For example, a distributed intelligent control system of a linear mesh belt conveyor takes DSP as the core to form a control node, and each node has a CAN bus interface. The monitoring system composed of PLC has high reliability and convenient use, and can adapt to the complex and diverse control and protection requirements of linear mesh belt conveyors. Therefore, there have been many protection and monitoring of linear mesh belt conveyors with PLC as the control component. A typical PLC protection monitoring system is composed of electrical control parts, protection sensors and computer terminals. Among them, PLC is the control core. It cooperates with peripheral sensors to protect and control the operation of the conveyor according to a certain protection strategy; various sensors are directly or indirectly connected to the PLC to provide input signals (basically switching signals), and the PLC passes the degree of Complete signal collection, comparison, alarm, direct control, etc.; the computer terminal is the client monitoring terminal (host computer), the user can measure the real-time running status of the belt conveyor through the above configuration monitoring program, and monitor the working status of the sensor. Such systems combine protection and control functions, allowing detected information to be shared. In addition to being able to achieve stand-alone control, it can also be easily networked to meet the needs of large-scale monitoring.
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