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Analysis of friction phenomenon of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-03
Friction is a phenomenon in which two objects in contact with each other undergo relative movement (or have a relative movement tendency) under the action of external force, and tangential movement resistance is generated between the contact surfaces. Abrasion is the material on the working surface of an object. The phenomenon of constant loss due to the relative movement of the surface is the result of friction. Lubrication is to add a certain lubricating medium between the friction surfaces of two relatively moving parts to separate the dry friction surfaces that were in direct contact with each other, and form a lubricating film with a certain thickness in the middle. It is an important measure to reduce wear and friction. . The correct lubrication can save energy, improve the quality of belt loading conveyor products, extend the service life, and create more material wealth. In order to reduce friction, wear and save energy, adding lubricant between friction is an effective lubrication measure. Generally speaking, all media that can reduce frictional resistance and play a lubricating effect are called lubricants. As a lubricant (lubricating medium), it must have a certain degree of usability and economy. Lubricating oil is a petroleum product with lubricating properties extracted from crude oil, namely mineral oil. Lubricants can be roughly divided into two categories: internal combustion engine lubricants and industrial lubricants. Calcium-sodium-based grease and lithium-based grease are mostly used on belt conveyors in petroleum mines.
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